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Axion is giving away 2 ledgers per day as a part of its new Summer Giveaway event

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WORLDWIDE – Axion, the new staking crypto with Bitcoin dividends, is giving away 2 brand new Axion Ledger Nanos per day for the next 30 days as a part of its Summer Giveaway program.

Applicants need only to buy at least $100 of $AXN on Uniswap and submit a valid Etherscan TXID on the event page in order to apply. Applicants can garner additional entries by staking their AXN – opening them up to the benefits of the Axion ecosystem – or by sharing the event post on social media.

Joel Gerlach, the event director and Axion’s creative lead, is proud of this event and the incentive it provides for people to check out Axion.

“Axion is all about supporting the crypto community. I love my Ledger and the security it brings to my crypto transactions. We wanted to share that security by giving away these custom Axion-branded Nanos straight from Ledger. It’s a great way for us to introduce people to Axion and its incredible staking ecosystem while also helping people navigate the crypto world with greater security.”

Axion is a CD equivalent cryptocurrency offering market-beating minimum 8% APY paid out in its native token AXN. It also offers liquid bitcoin dividends distributed to all staked shareholders, withdrawable and spendable at any time, generating true passive income without impacting the principal investment.

Even in the midst of the recent bearish market conditions, Axion’s staking ecosystem continues to produce dividends, with over 160BTC (over $5 million USD) paid out so far this year to its staking community.

Axion also hit a crypto-first with over 35% of the available supply being staked for 5555 days, or 15.22 years, by over 4000 individual investors. By locking away their AXN for such a long time, these investors showcase their long-term belief in Axion and in crypto as a whole.

Axion’s ecosystem also features Axion Launch, a curated launch platform available for Axion’s stakers, offering airdrops, IEO/IDOs, presales, fundraisers and more, including their exclusive $2.3M allocation with launch partner Vabble.

Axion is also dedicated to supporting the community with 24/7 chat support available on its website and along with a comprehensive Knowledge Base that helps all crypto investors get acquainted with the Axion ecosystem. With its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting system, all AXN investors with stakes over 350 days get to vote on important policy changes to the ecosystem using their shares.

The Axion Summer Giveaway event page can be found here: https://axion.network/news/updates/axion-summer-giveaway

Additional information about Axion can be found at its website: https://axion.network

Table of Contents


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