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Basement Dwellers Review

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Basement Dwellers

Basement Dwellers is an NFT project and community that has been created with gamer stereotypes, internet culture, and memes in mind. This project taps into a persona denizens can both relate to and identify with.

In this post, we will share with you all the details you should know about Basement Dwellers and how this project is developing a quirky collection of NFTs backed by a world-class team. 

What is Basement Dwellers?

Basement Dwellers is a unique NFT project that has a focus on meme culture related to gaming stereotypes. In its upcoming launch, they’ll be releasing 10,000 randomly generated NFTs that collectors can accumulate, hold, and trade. While the launch date hasn’t been finalized yet, you can join the Basement Dwellers Discord where you can get the latest information and exchange memes. 

Basement Dwellers Roadmap

In planning ahead, the first milestone on the Basement Dwellers roadmap is getting the team out of their mom’s basement. Of course, jokes aside, they plan to reward holders through different mechanisms such as airdrops, giveaways, and floor sweeps.  

Reserved Basement Dweller NFTs are expected to be airdropped to randomly selected Basement Dweller NFT holders. These are going to be extremely rare NFTs, as a way to reward their community. 

At the same time, combining meme culture with games, the project is expected to give away five custom gaming PCs that are valued at around $3,000 each to holders. Further giveaways will also include five gaming consoles of the winner’s choice (e.g. a PS5, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch).

But not everything is about fun. There are also charity initiatives, NFT upgrades and floor sweeps that are aimed to increase the utility and value of the Basement Dweller NFTs and brand. For instance, Basement Dwellers anticipates making their first $40,000 donation to a charity that supports children in need. They’ll also crowdsource community suggestions for other non-profits and humanitarian causes to support. 

When we talk about NFT upgrades, the Basement Dwellers team looks to implement a staking feature for its NFTs. Users would be able to stake Basement Dwellers to earn “Steroid Injections.” Once you’ve earned enough rewards, you’ll be able to mint a “Chad” NFT. They’ve added game features, rewards, and quests as well, to further expand on the utility of their NFTs.  

As we see, the entire ecosystem is built not only by community members but also for the community itself from airdrops to prizes, charity donations and NFT upgrades. 

Basement Dwellers Specs

We have talked about the project initiatives, its roadmap and its goals, but we did not talk about the specifications of this project. Who is going to participate? Which wallets should you use to store your NFTs?

Basement Dwellers works with an ERC-721 contract that is also compatible with the MetaMask wallet. There will be 10,000 Dwellers randomly generated from more than 200 traits and the mint price is expected to be 0.069 ETH with a maximum of 5 NFTs per transaction on pre-sale. 

There is also going to be a 3% royalty implemented on each NFT trade. This is one of the most innovative solutions created by the blockchain, which allows creators to continue to earn revenue even after their initial sale. The team will use these funds towards future NFT development, adding more utility and use cases to their genesis collection, and implementing multiple floor sweeps.

Final Words

Basement Dwellers is an NFT project that wants to focus on the community by creating NFTs that they would really care about and that would represent (or at least understand) them in some way. There are many references to the gaming world and to old school games, internet culture, and memes that make this a less pretentious project than the high-art NFTs or the 2017-era collections. While this may speak to the typical internet degen’s soul, it’s always important to DYOR and invest responsibly.

Table of Contents


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