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Decred vs Neblio – The Battle of PoS Tokens – Part II

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decred vs neblio comparison

Decred is an autonomous virtual currency with DCR as its token. The project was launched on February 8, 2016 by former Bitcoin Core developers, who longed for a fair system of check and balances between developers, miners, and users.

It was created with the main goal of solving the issue of Bitcoin’s blockchain governance. The developers wanted the power to be distributed evenly across the network.

They wanted miners, developers, and investors to have the same amount of power and influence. Therefore, they came up with an open-source project that leaves more aspect of the cryptocurrency’s future in the hands of users.

There is no central authority for decision making. Stakeholders are the ones who set the rules through voting.

Neblio, on the other hand, defines itself as a blockchain solution that focuses mainly on the promotion of technological innovation to support the needs of large business enterprises. Its platform is intuitive. It helps facilitate the quick adoption of dApps that runs on a peer-to-peer network of computers rather than a single computer.

The Decred consensus

The Decred system is characterized by a hybrid consensus system that blends Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake. The goal is to strike a balance between the wishes of miners and those of users through its hybrid consensus mechanism.

While DCR miners still create new blocks, they need the approval of stakeholders before they are rewarded. For this reason, Decred blockchain operations cannot be paralyzed as a result of the inaction of miners. This means the PoS contributors or stakeholders have more power than miners.

The Decred network has a block-time of 5 minutes, while Bitcoin has a block-time of roughly 10 minutes. Decred’s transaction fees are also much lower than Bitcoin’s. Decred uses the Blake-256 hashing algorithm and the Go programming language.

The Decred Community

The Decred community is at the heart of the project. Anyone, regardless of how many Decred he or she owns, has a big say in any decisions about the project’s future. This means major decisions do not just belong to a small number of big mining companies or founders. Stakeholders must approve any major changes in the PoS. With Decred network, even other community members who make non-financial decisions have a voice.

Token and market cap

The token for Decred is called DCR and has a value of around $60 with a market cap of close to $465 million. It has a volume of $2.8 million and a total supply of $8 million, according to data from CoinMarketCap.com.

Similar to Bitcoin, the DCR token limit has been set at 21 million units. The pre-mined tokens consist of 8% of the total supply. An “airdrop” was launched to spread the currency quickly and massively. That is, a certain number of tokens have been distributed to random people free of charge.

About Neblio

Neblio is a next-generation blockchain platform that was founded in the first quarter of 2017. It is one of the few platforms that integrate the blockchain technology into the business applications. Eddy Smith and Ann Jackson are hailed as the brilliant masterminds behind the success of this project.

Eddy Smith is a computer scientist and has nearly ten years’ experience developing software. Ann Jackson holds an MBA and is responsible for the project’s business operations.

Neblio’s features

Neblio can be considered a network of decentralized P2P network of nodes that exchange information and then saves that information in an immutable distributed ledger. Each node copies and saves an identical copy of the ledger. Here are some of its unique features:

  • Uses the Proof of Stake consent form.
  • It serves as a channel of communication for IOT-based devices.
  • It provides secure and verifiable data management. The information is kept decentralized, available and safe.
  • It provides large companies with a wide range of dApp design and construction options.
  • It has an easy to use user interface.

Neblio’s databases

Unlike other digital currencies that employ the use of conventional database storage, Neblio uses advanced modules that give greater benefits like:

  • Simplified management of records.
  • Easier auditing.
  • Safer life cycle verification.

The Neblio nodes are connected to one another through the use of forwarding blocks. Every single node has the same exact copy of the full blockchain transaction history. This, as a result, increases the performance of the dApp built on the Neblio network.

Neblio offers many services that are meant to function as a one-stop shop for blockchain technology deployment, including Blockchain consulting services, the Neblio APIs suite, and Private Blockchain Development.

Neblio’s security

Similar to other platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Neblio is decentralized. Due to its PoS consensus and decentralized nature, successful attacks on the network by hackers are virtually impossible.

Token and market cap

The token of the Neblio project is called Nebl and today has a value of around $4.00. In the middle of January, it reached its peak with a value of almost $50.

Currently, it is on the 146th place in the CoinMarketCap ranking, with a market cap of around 54 million U.S.D..

Comparison Chart

















Market cap







8,096,230 DCR

14,060,372 NEBL

Final Thoughts

While many will compare the cryptocurrency features of both Decred and Neblio, the reality is that they are very different projects. They also have different intentions. Decred aims to take decision-making power from large mining firms and give it to stakeholders. It encourages every user to participate in improving the system. And since all stakeholders have complete control over the system and are treated equally, they are able to make decisions much faster. Also, hard-forks will no longer be the order of the day.

Neblio’s primary aim is to make blockchain technology easy to use and integrate into business enterprises. Developers in large companies may not have the necessary training to implement the blockchain technology. Neblio focuses on simplifying this process by allowing enterprises to easily design blockchain applications across a wide range of programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, Go, JavaScript, etc.

If you found the article interesting, you may read the Part 1 of Battle of the PoS Tokens.

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