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BestChange Exchanger Monitor: Aggregating Price Change on One Interface

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The digital asset industry is growing at a very fast pace, with new brokers emerging from time to time. While this is good news for the emerging economy, the proliferation of trading platforms often poses a challenge for traders. This trouble is in relation to the hassles in picking the best deals across a variety of markets.

The BestChange platform is a monitoring protocol that helps to aggregate the real-time prices of various digital assets across hundreds of functional trading exchanges. The BestChange algorithm saves the trader the stress of having to search for rates in a manual way, as everyone can easily use the platform for free and gain access to one of the industry’s most robust interfaces for price aggregation.

Fundamentals of the BestChange Monitor

BestChange makes it possible for anyone to exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and other cryptocurrencies for other cryptos, at the best rates possible in the market. Beyond the nascent digital currencies, BestChange also supports the direct exchange of Perfect Money (USD), Perfect Money (EUR), Paypal (USD and EUR), Skrill (USD and EUR), and other digital forms of money to their desired counterparts.

The principle of operation is the same irrespective of the types of asset class involved. To gain a better appreciation of the platform, users will need to navigate to the homepage, where a green-themed table of the supported digital assets is displayed in two prominent columns labeled “Give” and “Get”.

To use BestChange, users will need to click on the items they wish to give, that is the asset they have at hand, for the one they wish to get. When these two assets have been selected, the platform aggregates all of the brokerage platforms that offer trading services for the selected asset pair. By default, the BestChange algorithm ranks the exchanges with the best rates at the top, and this will largely guide the platform’s users in selecting their picks.

Once a suitable trading platform has been identified, users can verify the rates by using the Calculator feature to check the exact amounts they will get after the conversion. Once satisfied with the rate, users can then proceed to the exchange interface and complete the trade swap.

At present, BestChange supports over 144,000 exchange rates across 253 exchangers. The platform’s pricing algorithm is updated every 7-10 seconds, giving traders a perfect idea of the smallest market movements. 

Exchange Picks: Security and Reliability

For a platform offering the type of service BestChange offers, emphasis on user protection is key, and the platform has factored this into its unique operational models. Each recommended exchange or brokerage platform for each trading pair has been subjected to a very high degree of scrutiny. 

As a rule, BestChange does not add platforms that are less than 1 year in operation. The integrated platforms are also continuously monitored for reliability and customer support. As a BestChange user, it is possible to leave a review for a particular trading platform after completing transactions therein. The experiences shared by users can also give a very positive pointer to others that may choose to use that same platform in the future.

BestChange was founded in 2007, and over the years, the platform has been working to perfect its product offerings to empower users around the world. Security and trust is one key aspect the platform has made a giant stride in the past 14 years.

Allaying Data Privacy Fears

The price aggregation BestChange offers comes at no costly price to the user as the platform does not require any Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. Completing these checks often requires the submission of some personal identification documents which many are often uncomfortable with.

With BestChange, these fears are allayed, and users are liable to use the platform free of charge and with full control over their personal data.

Table of Contents


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