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Binance Community Manager Travels Around Australia Using Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

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Lucia Quaglia, Binance’s community manager in Italy, has travelled around Australia using cryptocurrencies. By using Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Binance Coin (BNB) and other cryptocurrencies through TravelbyBit, Lucia visited Brisbane, Townsville and Sydney. 

Travelling Using Bitcoin

In a recent blog post, Lucia Quaglia shared her experience travelling using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She started her trip in Brisbane, followed by Townsville and Sydney sleeping 2 nights in each of these cities. 

In order to do this trip, she used TravelbyBit, an online travel agency that offers booking services for travelers using cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin and Litecoin (LTC). 

Lucy says that Australia is a beautiful country with plenty of natural sights and easygoing and chill friends. In addition to it, she considers that the country is very crypto-friendly. Although she exchanged some currency at the airport, she then realized that there was no shortage of options when it comes to travelling using nothing but crypto. 

She didn’t only pay for accommodation using TravelbyBit but she has also purchased food and drinks. 

About it, she said:

“Through crypto, I was able to pay for not just my travel and accommodation to Australia, but also my food and drinks. Australia is a very crypto-friendly country and I hope next time I come there, with the quick crypto adoption happening there, I think I will be able to pay for my ferry boat trip with crypto.”

Lucy mentioned she used a mobile wallet such as the Trust Wallet that can be downloaded using a smartphone. If you want to pay using your crypto funds, then the merchant will present a QR code that can be scanned using the mobile wallet.  

Once the QR is scanned, the payment will be sent in just a few seconds. The merchant will receive the funds in the local currency or crypto according to what he decided to do with the funds. 

In addition to it, TravelbyBit allows individuals to pay for flights and accommodations. Moreover, the firm receives a commission from the airlines and hotels that they can share back with the users of the platform in the form of Bitcoin. It appears that Bitcoin is becoming more and more know in Australia, with even the best online casino Australia accepting it, the number of Bitcoin ATMs growing yearly and the Bitcoin being legal in Australia, treated as property. 

At the moment, TravelbyBit has a website that allows users to see all the locations in Australia that accept payments using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast are the locations with the largest number of merchants dealing with cryptocurrencies. 

Table of Contents


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