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Binance Expands In Hong Kong Adding Support To HKD Withdrawals and Deposits

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Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the market has decided to add support to Hong Kong dollar (HKD). Users in this jurisdiction (Hong Kong) will be able to easily deposit and withdraw HKD from the Binance exchange. This adds a large number of users to the market and would help them enter the space. 

Binance Adds New Fiat Gateway With HKD

According to a recent press release published by Binance, they informed that they are now offering users with the possibility to deposit and withdraw HKD from the platform. This is now possible after a partnership that Binance closed with Epay, which is in charge of processing these withdrawals and deposits. 

In this way, users will have the possibility to enter the crypto market and purchase a wide range of digital assets through the one-click buy and sell service offered by the exchange. In addition to it, Epay is also supporting other currencies such as EUR and GBP, which work with SWIFT CODE, Wire Transfer, SEPA, Fasapay, PM and other services. 

About the one-click buy and sell solution, Binance explained:

“One-Click Buy/Sell allows users to buy and sell digital currency more conveniently and quickly without charts or complex order types, and provides users with real-time price data to directly execute their trades.”

This is part of a wider effort of the exchange to offer new solutions to clients from all over the world. The main intention is to help individuals in different jurisdictions to have access to the crypto market through their local fiat currencies. This is why Binance has been creating a wide range of fiat gateways that would allow to onboard a large number of individuals in the upcoming bull market. 

At the same time, this is facilitating the acquisition of virtual currencies to users that are already operating in the market. Some of the examples of fiat gateways include Binance Uganda, Binance Jersey or even the recently released Binance.US that offers USD support. 

The exchange is also trying to offer a wide range of solutions for traders and crypto enthusiasts more than just spot trading. They want users to enjoy virtual currencies, invest in different instruments and even stake the coins they own. 

In the future, Binance could release new services and products, including new support for fiat currencies in several countries from different regions. 

Table of Contents


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