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Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x: Two South Korean Exchanges Ready For Them

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If you were not ready for Bitcoin hard forks, better do it now. The South Korean’s famous cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinnest and Coinone, announced their plans for the next hard forks of the Bitcoin blockchain.

On October the 25th we will experience the second hard fork of Bitcoin’s history. Bitcoin Gold will get separated from Bitcoin and in November Bitcoin Gold will be available to be exchanged.

In November, another hard fork will occur. Bitcoin SegWit2x will also take another path from Bitcoin’s blockchain.

The first hard fork that we have experienced was in August when Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split from the original Bitcoin network.

What will Coinone do?

Coinone is the second largest bitcoin exchange in South Korea. Some days ago, it had less trading volume than Korbit, another important Sotuh Korean exchange. At the moment, Coinone could outperform its competitor and gain more popularity in the public.

The company wrote a statement in their webpage regarding the upcoming hard forks. “Coinone will do its best to support the creation of a new virtual currency, which is generated from a hard fork in the existing blockchain in the future, and to quickly support deposits and withdrawals”, news.bitcoin.com translated.

This exchange commented about SegWit2x hard fork, but not about Bitcoin Gold.

What about Coinnest?

Coinnest is the fourth largest exchange in South Korea, according to Coinhills, this trading platform announced that it will offer “full support” for both hard forks: for the Bitcoin Gold one and for the SegWit2x.

In addition to it, the company commented that users holding Bitcoin “will be automatically paid” with the new cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin price arrived at new records amid announcements that Bitcoin owners would receive the same amount of Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x coins if they have the Private Key.

Table of Contents


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