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Bitcoin Private Key – All You Should Know

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The Bitcoin private key plays a significant role in the area of cryptocurrency security as it directly relates to funds protection. Although we are making reference to Bitcoin, the Bitcoin private key applies to other virtual currencies as well.

Fortunately, we will now teach you how to find your own private key, how to use it and what will you get out of it.

What is a Bitcoin Private Key?

A Bitcoin private key is a cryptographic signature that allows users to get access to their crypto funds. A private key is linked to a public address and it must be kept always hidden (in a safe place). 

To generate private key from Bitcoin address is an easy task. Indeed, if you have created a Bitcoin wallet, then you shouldn’t be worried about it. The wallet itself will share this information with you. Remember that your Bitcoin private key must be always stored in a safe place. 

A Bitcoin private key will always keep your funds secure. With a Bitcoin private key you will also be able to send funds to other users. The public address you have will be used in order to receive funds. You will give this public address to others. 

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Think of the public address as the number of a bank account. You can send it to other people that would like to send you some funds. The Bitcoin private key can be considered the password to access these funds that arrived at your public address. 

Each Bitcoin private key could be represented in the form of characters or through a seed phrase (known as a mnemonic phrase). Thus, each wallet will offer different forms of representing a Bitcoin private key. 

Without a private key, you would not be able to get access to the funds in a public address. This is why you should never share this information with anyone else. Moreover, the main challenge for Bitcoin users is not to understand what a Bitcoin private key is but rather how to properly store it. 

How to Find Your Bitcoin Private Key?

When you create a wallet, it will generate private key from Bitcoin address. The process is very simple and fast. Indeed, you would not have to do anything. Wallet creators have already automated the process and the wallet will inform you how to store the keys and what to do with them. 

You will have a Bitcoin private key with balance if you have received a transaction from another person. Let’s say you receive $100 worth of BTC to your public address. Then you will have a Bitcoin private key with balance. If you lose the wallet but you still have your private key, then you will be able to recover these funds. 

This is why it is important to know how to find your Bitcoin private key. You should always remember where you leave it. Moreover, you should keep it in a safe place where nobody else could have access to it. Consider it as your life-savings. Would you leave them in the camera roll of your smartphone or you would store them in a safety box in the bank?

We have told you how to get Bitcoin private key. You just simply need to create a wallet, and the wallet creator itself will be giving you information about your private key. If instead, you are using a wallet and you don’t know which is the private key, you might find an option inside the software wallet that would allow you to get access to your Bitcoin private key. 

This would depend on the wallet you use. Some wallet apps allow users to get access to their private keys even after creating the wallet. However, the best thing to do is to properly store the private keys in a safe place where you can only have access to them. In the cryptocurrency market, you are your own bank. 

How to Use a Bitcoin Private Key?

There are different ways to use a Bitcoin private key. As we have already mentioned in this guide, private keys are very important. They can be used in order to prove that we are the owners of virtual currencies stored in a specific public address. 

This is definitely important. Why? Because if you lose your wallet, then you can recover your funds by using your private key. Consequently, the private key will work as the most important element of your crypto wallet. 

I lost my Bitcoin wallet, what now?

If you lost your wallet, you can use your private key to recover the funds. But how, you might be asking. This can take just a few minutes and it would be done using other wallets. If you lost your Ledger Nano S wallet and you have your Bitcoin private key, then you can be sure your digital assets are safe. 

As you see, the Bitcoin private key will be the most important part of your crypto account, not even the hardware wallet you were using. This shows how important it is to hold your private keys in a safe place. 

trezor bitcoin wallet that allows you to store offline your Bitcoin Private Key

Now it is time to recover your funds. You can buy a new hardware wallet or just use a software wallet. Once you install the app or the program in your computer or smartphone, you should select the “recover from private key” option (or similar) that will be displayed. 

You would only have to copy-paste your private key where they will tell you. This can be done in just a few minutes. Once you copy and paste the private key or seed phrase, then the new wallet will automatically be loaded with the Bitcoin you had in your all device. That’s how simple it is. 

What if I had multiple cryptocurrencies in my old wallet?

If you had multiple digital assets in your old wallet that got lost, don’t worry. You can purchase or download the same wallet and use your private keys there. This would recover all your funds. However, you should never give your private keys to anybody that claims to be helping you. The private key must be always used by you. 

If instead, you want to download different wallets for each cryptocurrency you had, you just have to simply copy and paste the seed phrase or Bitcoin private key in different crypto wallets. 

For example, if you were holding BTC, ETH and LTC you can recover all the cryptos at once if you use a BTC, ETH and LTC compatible wallet such as the Ledger Nano S. Instead, if you use a BTC only wallet, then only your BTC funds will be recovered. In this case, you want to use other ETH and LTC wallets to also recover these funds. 

What Does a Bitcoin Private Key Look Like?

Every single private key is different. This is something you need to know. They are depicted through a series of characters – they can be both numbers and letters.

Each Bitcoin private key could be represented using a mnemonic phrase (seed phrase) or using the previously mentioned option (a string of characters). These private keys will be very useful for users. With them, Bitcoin investors can recover their funds (if they lose the wallet) or sign transactions. 

A Bitcoin private key would like that:


A Bitcoin seed phrase would like that:

Word 1, Word 2, Word 3… Word 24

It is worth taking into consideration that a seed phrase can be 12 or 24 words long. They are generated randomly and can be generated in different languages (but mostly in English). The mnemonic phrase could look like a set of random words such as “car,” “bed,” “dog,” or “rain.” 

Seed phrases were created to make Bitcoin private keys look more friendly. In this way, it might be even possible to remember all the words and use them to recover your funds in case the wallet gets lost. 

If you were waiting for a Bitcoin private key list, let us tell you that you would not find it. Each private key is different and would be linked to a Bitcoin address. Remember not to give your private keys to anyone. If you don’t respect this rule, you might end up losing your funds forever. 

How to Protect Bitcoin Private Key?

There are different ways in which you can protect your Bitcoin private key. This is going to be certainly important in order for you to have your funds properly stored. The golden rule is that you are your own bank. You don’t want to give your password to anybody else. 

As a crypto user, now you are in control of your private keys. If you don’t want to have this responsibility, then you should use crypto wallets or exchanges that would keep custody of your coins. Nevertheless, by using exchanges you are losing the decentralization benefits of holding and protecting your funds. 

If you have a hardware or software wallet, the Bitcoin private key should never be stored online. You can write it down in a paper and store it in the bank. Most people use a safety box. However, you can also easily store it in a place you consider safe. 

pen and paper on a table - It could be a good idea to store your Bitcoin private key in a paper

Take into consideration that if you store the private keys in your home you could have problems. For example, if you are stolen or if your home gets burned, there is a risk of losing your private keys.

Additionally, you can have a backup by remembering it. But this could be somehow difficult. Moreover, you can store different words of the seed phrase in different locations. This would reduce the risk of losing your private keys due to an unexpected issue. 

If you find other ways to protect your Bitcoin private key, then go ahead and implement it. Remember that without them you would not be able to get access to your funds in case you lose your wallet. Furthermore, you should always keep the keys in a safe place and far from others. 

Bitcoin Private Key Generator

A Bitcoin private key generator would give you access to your private key in seconds. This works by downloading the wallet you want to use and installing it on your smartphone or computer. 

If the wallet was created by a recognized company in the crypto industry, then you shouldn’t be worried about being scammed. The Bitcoin private key generator will automatically create a private key for you that will be linked to your wallet addresses. 

There have been many scammers that promoted Bitcoin private key generator online. These pages created fake addresses where users were depositing their funds. The funds were available most of the time, however, the private key given to the user was already known by scammers. Due to this reason, several users lost their funds. 

This is why it is very important to receive your Bitcoin private key from a trusted source. This includes most of the hardware wallet companies currently available in the market and the most popular software wallets. 

Be aware of scammers. The crypto market is full of hackers. Many attackers would love to get access to your private keys. Never reveal them online and try to always keep them in a safe place. This would reduce to the minimum unwanted and uncomfortable situations. 

Ending Words About Bitcoin Private Key

It’s never enough to say that the private keys are the most important part of a cryptocurrency wallet. With them, you prove your crypto ownership. Moreover, if you lose your wallet, your private key would allow you to recover your funds. 

Keeping a Bitcoin private key in a safe place is always a must. You should avoid storing them online. Having always a backup is always a good option. Verifying that the private key remains properly stored is also an important thing to do. 

Finally, you should never share your private keys with anybody else. In other words, you are your own bank. You don’t want others to get the password that holds your crypto funds. 

Table of Contents


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