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BNB Smart Chain’s Optimism-powered Layer-2 opBNB Launches on Mainnet

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Binance’s Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform, opBNB, has become publicly available after thorough testing of the OP Stack-based platform.

The BNB Chain blockchain ecosystem is integrating Optimism’s rollup technology for its newly unveiled opBNB layer-2 scaling platform.

The public mainnet debut of BNB Chain’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible L2 aims to offer decentralized applications in the ecosystem faster transactions at reduced gas fees.

During its testing phase, the opBNB platform successfully managed over 35 million on-chain transactions and witnessed the deployment of more than 150 decentralized applications (DApps). BNB Smart Chain has also stated that the platform reached a zenith of 4,000 transactions per second during a stress test evaluation.

Arno Bauer, BNB Chain’s senior solution architect, emphasized the essential criteria the platform strived to meet, which focused on scalability and security:

“This included high availability, 4K transactions per second, rigorous stress testing, reduced gas costs under 0.2 gwei, fast finality under 1 second, and enhanced security with several external audits.”

It’s noteworthy that opBNB is constructed on the Optimism OP Stack, ensuring EVM compatibility. This compatibility facilitates the platform’s interaction with Ethereum-based smart contracts, networks, and ERC-20 token standards.

Optimistic rollups, a technology that scales transactions by presuming off-chain validated transaction data is accurate until proven otherwise, are at the core of this solution. While this technology has been instrumental in aiding the Ethereum network’s scalability, some critics emphasize the potential week-long hold of funds during validation check processing.

Daily transaction volumes and the number of daily active addresses on Optimism have been on the rise, suggesting the continued relevance and value of the layer-2 solution to users and DApps.

Several leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms have integrated with Optimism to leverage its scaling capabilities, including prominent names such as Uniswap, Aave, 1inch Network, SushiSwap, and Curve Finance.

BNB Chain has been contacted to provide more in-depth information on opBNB’s progression and any other potential scaling solutions the ecosystem might have explored.

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Jay Solano

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