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BONK Airdrop Guide – All You Need To Know

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Amidst the current buzz surrounding a multitude of airdrop opportunities and the frequent announcements of new projects offering airdrops, selecting a starting point for your airdrop farming venture can prove challenging.

In today’s airdrop guide, we focus on BONK, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency built on the Solana ecosystem. We’ve compiled all the necessary tools and resources for anyone to get started.

Understanding The BONK Token

BONK is Solana’s version of Dogecoin that is running on the Solana blockchain. The Solana ecosystem has been fantastically doing well in the last few weeks. In fact, since September of last year, Solana’s (SOL) price is up 300%, and from one year ago, the token is up by 800%.

Since its emergence, BONK has been instrumental in revitalizing Solana’s community and driving up its value. The BONK Airdrop stands as a testament to the project’s commitment to inclusivity and community involvement.

Participating In The Bonk Airdrop

Similar to other airdrop initiatives, participation in the BONK airdrop requires individuals to meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria typically include owning a minimum quantity of BONK tokens, actively engaging in the community, and adhering to provided guidelines. It’s essential to grasp these requirements fully to ensure qualification for the airdrop.

To engage in the token distribution of BONK tokens, follow these straightforward instructions:

👉 STEP 1: Navigate to the dedicated airdrop page for BONK.  Ensure that you do not utilize any VPN services, as they are prohibited.

👉 STEP 2:  Link your active cryptocurrency wallet. Please note that unused or newly created wallets will not be considered eligible.

👉 STEP 3: Upon successfully registering, you will qualify to participate in the token distribution.

Community Involvement And Governance

Participating in the BONK airdrop goes beyond receiving free cryptocurrency. It presents an opportunity to engage in a community-driven token initiative and contribute to the project’s growth and governance. By staying informed and actively involved, you can maximize the benefits of the airdrop and play a role in shaping the project’s future.

Bonus: Solana Mobile’s Chapter 2 Phone

In December 2023, Solana’s first mobile phone fetched a hefty $5,000 on eBay amidst the BONK memecoin frenzy. These phones were initially overshadowed by lackluster sales and have become unexpected stars on the resale market. Originally, each Saga phone purchase included a generous airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens. As the value of the memecoin escalated, it surpassed the initial cost of the phone itself.

In January of this year, Solana announced its Solana Saga Chapter 2 phone coming soon in 2025, with a pre-order price of $500 (excluding shipping, taxes, and fees) in its Early Adopter Window. If you pre-order the Solana Saga Chapter 2, you will likely qualify for the upcoming airdrop, considering multiple airdrops were given to the original Saga owners. Who knows what sort of easter eggs they will have in store for future users of the Solana Saga Chapter 2?


The BONK Airdrop offers participants a chance to claim free BONK tokens while actively contributing to a community-driven token initiative. By understanding the eligibility requirements, following the registration process diligently, and staying engaged in the cryptocurrency community, you can maximize your rewards and play a part in shaping the future of the Bonk project. Remember to prioritize knowledge and security to make the most of opportunities in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

Table of Contents


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