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Brave Web Browser Would Allow Users To Withdraw BAT After Verifying Their Accounts With Uphold

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The Brave Web Browser is working on a new feature that would allow users to withdraw BAT that was earned from ads. According to a Reddit post uploaded by SleepShadow, an important contributor to the Brave community, Brave Browser has already added the ability to move the BAT tokens after verifying Uphold’s wallet. 

Withdraw BAT Tokens Verifying Your Uphold Identity

As per the Redditor, the new feature is not yet available for the main version of the web browser. Indeed, users that want to test it have to use the unstable nightly 0.70 version that can be downloaded from GitHub. Another crypto user mentioned that it is also possible to buy BAT with a credit card, which is expected to help increase Basic Attention Token (BAT) adoption. 

This feature that allows users to withdraw funds from the Brave web browser was one of the most expected by the BAT community. There are some jurisdictions that allow individuals to see and interact with ads that are displayed when the user browses the web. If the testing phase is successful, it may be possible for individuals to withdraw their funds in a fast and easy way through a verified Uphold account. 

There was a crypto user that mentioned that it is important for Brave to provide more options other than Uphold because he is having issues with the services provided by the crypto wallet. 

On the matter, he wrote:

“They need to give options other than Uphold. I’m yet to successfully withdrawal money from them. All of it has mysteriously failed to withdrawal, and Uphold always pins it on me.”

Brave is a different web browser compared to Google Chrome or Firefox. Brave allows individuals to surf the web without being worried about ads that are intrusive and that make the overall experience much more uncomfortable. The web browser is not only faster but it also allows users in specific jurisdictions to earn BAT tokens for viewing and interacting with specific ads. However, the user has to make this option available through its Brave Rewards button. 

At the time of writing this article, BAT is the 33rd digital asset in the market in terms of market capitalization. As reported by CoinMarketCap, the digital currency has a price of $0.23 and a market valuation of $295 million. 

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