Can Litecoin Reach $1000?


Jonathan Gibson


Tags Litecoin / Litecoin Price / Litecoin Transactions / LTC / LTCBTC (TradingView) / LTCUSD (TradingView) / LTCUSDT (TradingView)

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Jonathan Gibson


Litecoin / Litecoin Price / Litecoin Transactions / LTC / LTCBTC (TradingView) / LTCUSD (TradingView) / LTCUSDT (TradingView)

Reading time

10 mins
Last update


Jonathan Gibson


Litecoin, Litecoin Price, Litecoin Transactions, LTC, LTCBTC (TradingView), LTCUSD (TradingView), LTCUSDT (TradingView)

Reading time

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A pair of male hands reaching through the dark grasping at a litecoin hologram can Litecoin Reach $1,000?

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Litecoin (LTC), one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrencies in the market, has attracted the attention of a large number of investors. Nowadays, this virtual currency continues to offer new solutions to holders and it could be a great way for users to diversify their portfolios. But one of the questions that people ask is whether Litecoin could reach $1000 in the future. 

This is a very fair question, as Litecoin has been close to $450 during the last bull run in 2021. But would Litecoin be able to reach $1000? There are many things to take into consideration and analyze about Litecoin in order to understand whether this virtual currency will be able to get a price of $1000 per coin. 

In the next sections of this post, we are going to analyze Litecoin’s presence in the market and how its price behaved over time. At the same time, we will also get into the question “Can Litecoin Reach $1000?” The goal is not to predict whether this will happen, but to understand what could influence Litecoin’s price to move higher. 

Disclaimer: we are not financial advisors. All the information shared by UseTheBitcoin and its writers should not be considered investment advice. 

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrencies in the world. Due to the fact that this virtual currency has been in the market since 2011, it has been purchased by a large number of investors from all over the world. Nowadays, despite the fact that it left the top 10, it continues to release new features and attract more users.

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency known for being “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold” due to its characteristics. This digital asset has a total supply of 84 million (4 times as many LTC as BTC), moreover, it has a block time that is on average 2.5 minutes (4 times faster than Bitcoin). In addition, Litecoin transaction times and fees are much lower than on the Bitcoin network, making it possible for investors to send and receive funds fast and cheap. 

It is worth pointing out that Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, a former Software Engineer at Google. He decided to fork the Bitcoin network (with a SHA256 hashing algorithm) and create a new digital currency (Litecoin) with a Scrypt hashing algorithm. 

Litecoin Cryptocurrency - 5 Best Cryptocurrencies to Place Your Bets On in 2022 - What to expect from cryptocurrencies? - Can Litecoin reach $1,000?

There are many other differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin, but both of them have been working side by side as well over the last few years. Bitcoin developers have implemented and tested different features on the Litecoin network before bringing them to the Bitcoin blockchain. 

This trend could continue in the future. The goal might be to transform the Litecoin network into a testnet for Bitcoin, but for now, this seems suspended. The last improvement that has been added to the Litecoin network involved private transactions. This has been implemented with MimbleWimble, a technology that would let transactions on the Litecoin network become private and not publicly available. 

This has been one of the most awaited improvements on the Litecoin blockchain. Thanks to it, Litecoin became the largest virtual currency offering private transactions to users in the cryptocurrency market. That being said, Litecoin continues to work with different projects in order to offer fast and cheap transactions. 

It is worth pointing out that Litecoin is also one of the most widely accepted virtual currencies besides Bitcoin. LTC can be used to pay for goods and services, it is accepted on most crypto trading platforms and it is also supported by a large number of crypto ATMs worldwide. 

Due to all these reasons and many others, investors are trying to understand whether Litecoin could reach $1000 or not. But will that happen? Can Litecoin Reach $1000? We cannot be sure, but the possibility definitely exists. 

Litecoin Price 

Let’s now understand what happened with Litecoin in the last few years and since it was released to the cryptocurrency market. Let’s not forget that this coin was the second-largest virtual currency for many years and it was among the top 10 for many years as well. 

We will focus on both trading pairs: LTC/USDT and LTC/BTC. This would help us get a clear picture of what happened to Litecoin in fiat terms but also when we compare it to the largest cryptocurrency in the world. 


According to data shared by CoinMarketCap, Litecoin has experienced many cycles of bull runs and bear markets. The first thing to take into consideration is the period that goes between 2013 and early 2017. During this period, Litecoin experienced a massive price increase that went from below $2 per coin in late 2013 to $44 in December. 

This was one of the first bull markets experienced by Litecoin investors over the course of the years. Another thing that is worth taking into consideration is related to the fact that after this bull trend, the coin started moving lower. Indeed, in January 2015, the coin dropped below $1.4. That means that LTC experienced a correction of over 95% in just a year. But can Litecoin reach $1000?

LTCUSD Litecoin USD Can Litecoin Reach $1,000?

After this bear trend, Litecoin’s price stabilized between $3 and $4 until early 2017 when the cryptocurrency market started moving higher. Indeed, the bull market of 2017 was one of the most important events in Litecoin’s history. At that time, the cryptocurrency market saw the creation and release of new virtual currencies and tokens. 

These tokens were released by Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), projects that aimed at offering new blockchain-related solutions to the cryptocurrency market. Most of these tokens were scams, but just a few of them were able to offer great solutions and become some of the largest in the world (two of them are Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB)).

2017 was a very positive year for Litecoin. The virtual currency was not only able to double its previous all-time high (reaching $80 in September 2017), but it hit a new price record of $360. In some exchanges, Litecoin reached even larger prices (for example, $420 per coin). This was one of the strongest periods in Litecoin’s price history. 

In just a few days, the coin surged from below $100 to $360 and it remained above $120 until April 2018. Indeed, 2018 is known in the cryptocurrency market as one of the longest bear trends in history. Most virtual currencies dropped by over 90% in price and many others disappeared. 

The bear trend ended for Litecoin in December 2018, when the coin briefly traded below $25. This was a great opportunity for long-term investors to enter the market and patiently wait for another bull run. 

2019 was another positive year for Litecoin. It was not as bullish as 2017 but it was a great opportunity for investors that entered during the bear market of 2018 to make some profits. In 2019, Litecoin started moving higher and it reached a peak of $140 per coin in June. This happened because Litecoin experienced a halving event that year. Rewards were reduced from 25 LTC per block to 12.5 LTC per block. 

The second half of 2019 was also not that positive. Until the beginning of 2020, Litecoin was in a bear trend. The coin fell below $40 for a short period of time before starting in 2020. In 2020, the coin recovered its price and reached $80, but the COVID-19 crisis-affected LTC as well. LTC experienced a sharp drop that pushed it below $35 per coin. 

After that, 2020 was a relatively flat year for LTC. The coin then traded between $40 and $60 until the end of 2020, when the market entered a new bull run. This bull run allowed LTC to reach a new all-time high and let investors sell the coins that they purchased throughout the bearish period. 

In 2021, Litecoin surged to over $450 in some exchanges, which represents a price increase of 1,185% from the COVID-19 bottom. Therefore, Litecoin offered great investment opportunities throughout the years for investors. Despite that, over the last few months (since November 2021), Litecoin has been in a bear trend. The virtual currency is now being traded for close to $100 and it has a market capitalization of $6.8 billion. 


The LTC/BTC trading pair is also a very important market in the crypto industry. This trading pair has provided trading opportunities to investors for many years now. But which are the opportunities that it offered to traders? 

This trading pair started with large volatility between 2013 and 2014. The highest point ever reached by Litecoin was 0.040 BTC for each Litecoin, and this was something that took place at the end of 2013. Since that moment, Litecoin was never able to recover. This takes us to the question: can Litecoin reach $1000?

There has been a long bear trend for the LTC/BTC trading pair since Litecoin was released to the market, according to data shared by CoinMarketCap. There have been many moments in which Litecoin spiked against Bitcoin. These moments took place in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. However, since 2020, this has not happened anymore. 

LTC/BTC Can Litecoin Reach $1,000?

Therefore, we see that Litecoin has been in a constant downtrend for several years now (since late 2019). The coin moved from 0.022 BTC per LTC in 2018 (during the bear market) and it reached an all-time low of 0.002554 BTC per LTC. This is a hard reality that many Litecoin investors have had to live with in recent years. 

This is independent of the fiat price of Litecoin. This shows that Litecoin has underperformed Bitcoin in the last years in both bear and bull markets. Despite this negative sentiment in the cryptocurrency industry, there is still a chance for Litecoin to start moving higher once again. 

Some long-term Litecoin holders consider that this is an accumulation phase that is allowing them to enter at lower prices before the market spikes once again (as it already happened in the past). There are some events that could play a very important role in the future of Litecoin, but it might be difficult for it to reach all-time highs at 0.04 BTC per coin. 

In order for that to happen, Litecoin would have to be traded at $1,500 at current prices, which seems something far from the current levels ($100 per coin). Therefore, it would be very important for investors to understand how to invest in Litecoin. 

Can Litecoin Reach $1000?

So can Litecoin reach $1000? Yes, it can definitely reach $1000. But why? Simply because we have seen Litecoin spiking in days reaching price levels that were not expected before. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is a very volatile place that has shown that coins could surge by over 1000% in a matter of days without anybody expecting that. 

But what should happen for Litecoin to start moving in the right direction (i.e. toward $1000)?. Many things should happen. The most important one, the cryptocurrency market should be in a bull trend. We have not seen Litecoin outperforming other assets for long periods of time. That means that Litecoin is a virtual currency that follows market cycles rather than a countercyclical digital asset. 

This makes it difficult for LTC to become an attractive investment when the market turns bearish. From current prices, Litecoin should make a 10x increase in order for it to reach the expected $1000 price level that has been promoted many times as one of Litecoin’s main goals. 

When it comes to the LTC/BTC trading pair, Litecoin would also need a sudden spike that would give investors the opportunity to sell their coins as soon as the market reaches certain levels. This is especially true for those investors that have been holding Litecoin since the end of 2019. 

Litecoin Fundamentals

There are some fundamentals that could have a positive impact on Litecoin in the coming years. This does not mean that the cryptocurrency will reach $1000, however, these things could help Litecoin start moving higher and push the price closer to $1000. 

Halving Event

Halving events are very important moments for virtual currencies. Litecoin has experienced its last halving event in 2019 and in 2023 there will be a new one. That means that Litecoin miners will not receive 12.5 LTC per block, but they will get 6.25 LTC. 

A lower new issuance of LTC could be very bullish from the supply side. However, without a demand for Litecoin, the price is unlikely to start moving higher. Therefore, not only a halving event would be necessary for Litecoin to move higher, but it would need, at the same time, an increase in interest for LTC from investors. 

In the past, the halving event has been very positive for Litecoin. This could help the virtual currency reach $1,000 per coin. If we combine the halving even with other things such as increased network usage and a bull trend, then Litecoin could definitely register large gains. 

Private Transactions

Another thing that Litecoin has been working on in recent years is the Private Transactions upgrade. This allowed Litecoin to become the largest privacy-focused virtual currency in the world. Thanks to its fast and reliable transactions, Litecoin is now a very useful virtual currency that can be used without sharing private information with market participants. 

If private transactions become a needed feature for investors and users of other virtual currencies, we could see a stronger buying pressure for Litecoin in the next few years. Whether this is expected to happen remains to be seen. But having this additional feature could be a good thing for this virtual currency and the future of the network. 

Network Usage

Finally, with the addition of private transactions, the usage of the network could also become very beneficial for LTC holders. A larger demand for Litecoin would mean that miners would be able to cover part of the losses for the reward reduction in blocks and it would mean that more transactions and value would be processed by the Litecoin network. 

Litecoin Transactions - Can Litecoin Reach $1,000?

Additionally, it would be very important to see how this would have a positive impact in terms of price. A larger demand for LTC could also be translated into a larger price. Can Litecoin reach $1,000? This remains to be seen. We might need some more time to enter a bull market and get many fundamentals aligned for the price of Litecoin to move higher.