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Charlie Lee Updates The Community About MimbleWimble Progress On Litecoin

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Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin (LTC), shared an update regarding the implementation of MimbleWimble on the Litecoin network. According to a recent tweet, he is working on the design of these new features. Litecoin is expected to adopt privacy features to provide fungibility to LTC users. 

Charlie Lee Shares Update About MimbleWimble

MimbleWimble seems to be on its path to being implemented on the Litecoin network. According to Charlie Lee, the main developer of Grin++, David Burkett is currently working with “E”, a crypto developer who is also working at Alto Financial on the marketing and partnership sectors. 

Lee informed the community that they are working on how to get Litecoin in and out of MimbleWimble and Extension Blocks. In addition to it, he explained that they figured out how to handle MW fees in a clean way. 

The Tweet uploaded by Charle Lee reads as follows:

“Updates on mimbleWimble progress: @davidburkett38, the main developer of Grin++, is now working with @ecurrencyhodler and I on the design. We’ve been ironing out the mechanism of getting LTC in and out of MW/EB. Also figured out how to handle MW fees in a clean way.”

MimbleWimble is a relatively new protocol that provides blockchain networks with the possibility to have improved privacy for users through Confidential Transactions. MimbleWimble has been firstly implemented by the cryptocurrency GRIN. 

In January 2019, Charlie Lee informed on Twitter that fungibility was one of the properties of sound money that was missing from Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin. At that time, he said that the scaling debate was behind us and that the next battleground was going to be fungibility and privacy. 

In the tweet he wrote, he shared his intention to make Litecoin fungible adding Confidential Transactions. A few weeks ago, Charlie Lee addressed the community on Twitter saying that they continue working on Litecoin despite the fud around the project. There were many users that claimed that Litecoin was an abandoned project because there were no code commits on GitHub. Furthermore, he mentioned that Confidential Transactions should be released sometime in 2019, but he didn’t provide information about the specific launch date for these features. 

Finally, he said that he would be sharing more things with the community to have a fluent communication regarding the latest updates on Litecoin. 

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