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Coinbase Subscription Service Goes Global: Breaking Boundaries Beyond the U.S

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Coinbase One is no longer in beta testing and is now available in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Ireland.

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase (COIN) took its free subscription service Coinbase One out of beta testing and made it available in the U.K., Germany, and Ireland as well as the U.S.

A statement released Thursday said that for $29.99 per month, users don’t have to pay trading fees and get higher stake rewards. Since 2021, private tests of the service have been going on.

According to an email from the business to CoinDesk, Coinbase wants to expand its international reach even more by offering Coinbase One in 35 countries. This comes after Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong said last month that the company might leave the U.S. if the rules didn’t get clearer.

Coinbase One will give U.S. customers pre-filed tax return papers, access to insights and analytics from Messari through a “Pro” account, and a free six-month trial of CoinTracker’s personal crypto portfolio analytics.

“In total, Coinbase One has a presence in 35 countries (predominantly in Europe) – in these other countries, Coinbase One is rolling out to full availability in the coming months, and we plan to expand to additional markets internationally,” the email added.

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