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Contrasting Performance for OKB by Cosmos (ATOM), and Sparklo (SPRK) Presale Entices Investors

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Sparklo (SPRK) recently announced the upcoming launch of its bullion trading marketplace, which will help people easily buy precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Elsewhere, OKB’s investors are happy with the coin’s recent performance as it has managed to pull off an impressive rally since the end of March. In contrast, Cosmos (ATOM) has fallen sharply since that time, even losing a chunk of the price gains it made at the start of the year.

OKB Continues to be Impressive in March and February

OKB has been growing strongly since the start of the year, but its rally has doubled since mid-February and it has maintained most of that momentum. OKB was trading at $26 at the start of the year. A few weeks later, it was trading above the $30 mark. OKB’s rally continued well into February till it was trading close to the $40 mark. 

It then jumped to $57 by the start of mid-February before a price slump brought it back to $40. OKB jumped back to $47 by Mid March, and the price has hovered in that range ever since. It did jump to $55 by the third week of April, but OKB’s price corrected back to $47 – its current price range. Many investors will be happy that OKB has doubled its price since the start of the year.


Cosmos (ATOM) has Fallen Sharply Since March

Cosmos (ATOM) Network has recorded a sharp price fall since mid-March despite being on a rally that has kept it above the end of the year’s price. Cosmos (ATOM) was trading at $9 but jumped to $12 by the 3rd week of January. Cosmos (ATOM) then hovered in the $13 price range until the 2nd week of February, when it jumped to $15. It dropped sharply again before returning to $4. 

Then a sharp decline came, and its price dropped to $11. It returned to $13 by the third week of March but couldn’t sustain it. Cosmos (ATOM) then dropped to $10. By the second week of April, Cosmos (ATOM) tried to rally to $12 again, but it quickly fell back to $11. It will be interesting to see if Cosmos (ATOM) can kickstart another rally as the crypto winter ends.

Sparklo (SPRK) Announces Presale Bonus

Sparklo combines the benefits of blockchain technology with a simple approach to bullion trading. Sparklo’s platform gives users worldwide access to bullion markets. This global reach ensures that Sparklo’s users get the best prices available on the market. 

Its users are charged some of the lowest management fees: most platforms for trading precious metals charge between 0.5% – 0.7% asset management fee, while Sparklo’s users only have to pay 0.1% per annum. Sparklo also provides higher liquidity than most bullion trading platforms because of its worldwide reach. 

Sparklo uses fractionalized NFTs to ease the management of an investor’s assets. When investors purchase bullion assets via Sparklo, they are given an NFT which represents their holdings. Users have two options when working with their fractionalized NFTs. 

They can either liquidate them for cash or trade them among fellow investors on the Sparklo marketplace exchange. Sparklo will help manage the transfer of ownership whenever such fractionalized NFTs are traded.

Sparklo’s users enjoy exceptional safety thanks to Sparklo’s high-end network. It recently completed a security audit with Interfi, and the results have been published on Sparklo’s website. The team behind Sparklo has also announced the locking of liquidity for 100 years alongside the locking of team tokens for 1000 days.

Sparklo’s price is just $0.017, yet it’s growing fast. We believe now is a great time to join this project, especially because users who buy Sparklo tokens between now and May 5th will get a special 30% bonus. To find out more about Sparklo’s presale, check the links below.

Find out more about the Sparklo presale:

Website: https://sparklo.finance

Presale: https://invest.sparklo.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparklo_finance

Telegram: https://t.me/sparklofinance

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