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Crypto Adoption: Expedia’s Hotels Available For Crypto Users On TravelbyBit

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users will now be able to purchase Expedia’s hotels through the popular crypto travel platform TravelbyBit. This would open a large number of flights and hotel options for individuals that want to make their purchase using Bitcoin (BTC) or other virtual currencies. 

TravelbyBit Adds Expedia’s Hotel Inventory to its Platform

According to reports, TravelbyBit announced it has added Expedia’s hotel inventory to its platform. This would help users select between more than 600,000 hotels and 800,000 properties worldwide. 

The main goal of the decision taken by TravelbyBit is to offer users the possibility to pay with virtual currencies the hotels they reserve and the flights they want to book. Moreover, users would also be able to earn up to 10% rewards in Bitcoin on every single flight or hotel they book using TravelbiBit. 

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is being traded around $9,440 and it has a market cap of $171.84 billion. The digital asset has been growing in the last few weeks and it has also pushed altcoins into green territory. 

This is a new experience for many users that were searching for new ways to spend their virtual currencies. Moreover, this is also going to expand the use cases of Bitcoin in a market that is turning bullish. 

TravelbyBit CEO, Caleb Yeoh, explained that Expedia is a leader in the travel industry and that they have a good reputation in the world. On the matter, Mr. Yeoh said:

“Expedia has a reputation as the hotel experts in the travel industry. Providing their wide range of hotel booking options on TravelbyBit will further the utility and adoption of crypto by increasing the availability of mainstream services and supply. The integration of Expedia’s hotel database on TravelbyBit makes sense for both companies and, more importantly, our customers.”

TravelbyBit became a very important part of the crypto community that wants to use its digital assets all over the world. Indeed, they have already processed more than 10,000 crypto transactions since they were launched over two years ago. Furthermore, they are now offering more than 1 million flights to a wide range of destinations in different continents. 

It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that Expedia added Bitcoin support a few years ago, it decided to discontinue the solution in 2018 during the bear market that affected the crypto space. 

Table of Contents


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