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Crypto YouTuber Scams Crypto Scammer And Donates The Funds To Charity

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The Canadian cryptocurrency YouTuber Ben Perrin was able to scam a crypto scammer that wanted to steal Bitcoin (BTC) from him. In his blog post, the host of BTC Sessions explained that he donated the funds he received after scamming the fraudster to Bitcoin Venezuela. 

Crypto Scammer Scammed

Mr. Perrin convinced a fraudster to send him Bitcoin to confirm he was not going to scam him. On his blog post, he shared the screenshots of a conversation he had with a person claiming she is from Los Angeles with an “exclusive investment offer.”

In this conversation, the scammer using a fake image of a woman and the handle susan_williams_2121, promised Perrin he could double his digital assets. The scammer showed fake images explaining the whole process and “proving” they were giving users their funds back and a return on their investment. 

However, since the very beginning, the profile picture used, the low-quality images shared and the writing style of the scammer were all red flags. 

“Many peoples had been benefiting from the platform because it’s life changing opportunity (sic),” wrote the scammer in one of the messages sent to Perrin. 

The investment involved Bitcoin mining activities in which they helped people run their Bitcoin mining venture. If the user sends a few BTC, then they promised to give back two times the amount sent. 

The fraudster started to press Perrin to send some BTC to him, however, Perrin was fast enough to make the scammer believe that he was talking with another user that promised him similar returns to his investments. The user susan_williams_2121 believed in this and decided to sent Perrin the $50 he requested earlier to confirm everything was “legitimate.”

After receiving the $50, Perrin said to the scammer he donated the money to Bitcoin Venezuela. Although the scammer seemed experienced, he requested the $50 back and said to Perrin not to do that.

“Just send me back my bitcoins please that would show you’re an honest man too,” the scammer said. 


There have been many attempts in the past of scammers trying to steal users’ funds through different means. One of them is by using Twitter bots that promise users the possibility to double their funds if they send cryptocurrencies to specific addresses. Although many individuals have been affected by these scams, newcomers remain unaware of those scammers and how easy is for them to steal funds. 

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