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Decentralized Trading Pancakeswap Enters GameFi

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The DEX has collaborated with BNB GameFi protocol Mobox to create a blockchain tower defense game.

On May 29, PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), said it had started a new tower-defense GameFi game with BNB GameFi protocol Mobox. The game is called “Pancake Protectors,” and players can use the DEX’s native CAKE $1.70 tokens to get prizes inside the game.

In Pancake Protectors, CAKE tokens can be used to speed up the process of leveling up, buy in-game cash, claim CAKE heroes, stake CAKE to earn resources, and unlock game levels. There will also be a marketplace in the game where CAKE heroes can be bought and sold. This marketplace can be improved by entering lotteries that give nonfungible token (NFT) upgrade prizes. Here’s how the game’s creators described it:

“Adapted from MOBOX’s MOland Defense Game, players assume the role of a commander to assemble hero characters across various levels and engage in a tower defense game. CAKE hero characters are the most coveted characters in-game and can be purchased with CAKE tokens.”

Players can also combine their NFT with the heroes in the game and show it on their PancakeSwap profile. 

Since its launch in 2020, PancakeSwap has become one of the most famous DEXs, with a total trading volume of $462 billion and a total value locked of over $2.5 billion.

In April, the DEX approved the Pancakeswap v2.5 tokenomics plan, which lowered the rate of CAKE token inflation from over 20% to a target range of 3%–5%. Due to the lower value of nominal CAKE staking rewards, the price of CAKE tokens fell 36% in the last month to $1.73 at the time of release. Before the plan, PancakeSwap used a high-token-emission model to encourage people to use the service.

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