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What is Dikemex? Building a Unique NFT Metaverse Platform

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Video streaming platforms became very popular over the last few years. There is a large number of options available in the market and Dikemex wants to become a key player offering solutions and new services to users from all over the world. 

Dikemex Network could become an online platform for creating NFTs, a DNFT marketplace and a hot wallet through which users could easily receive and process payments. In this guide, we focus on understanding what Dikemex is and how it is now expanding in the cryptocurrency market. 

What is Dikemex?

Dikemex presents itself as a network that has three main pillars: a DGame Store, a DNFT Marketplace and a Hot Wallet. Each of these services would have different solutions for users depending on their needs. It is worth mentioning that the project runs on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. 

As per the official whitepaper, Dikemex wants to create a brokerage all-in-one solution that would let them attract new users, secure trades and also increase user engagement. This would be possible thanks to Dikemex’s dedicated team that has been working on building an innovative social trading platform. 

Thanks to Dikemex solutions, investors would be able to make better trading decisions and improve their presence in the market. This would be possible thanks to a trading app in which users would not miss the best buying opportunities in the market, no matter where they are. 

In addition, users would have a unique individualized design of virtual charts that would make their trading experience even better. Having valuable information about how to trade different assets is definitely important. Traders would also be able to get connected to other traders and get inspired with their trading strategies. 

However, there would also be a live streaming technology applied to the Dikemex network. We are talking about a global live streaming platform where users go live to show their life moments and interact with each other through the help of different non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Through the creation of a global short video creation platform, short video creators would be able to use cutting-edge special effect tools to generate vibrant connections among users located in different countries around the world. 

Thanks to their video codec innovation algorithm, their platform would be adapted to different hardware platforms in order to easily reach a large number of users. But there are many other things that Dikemex is working on, including NFTs. 

NFTs in Dikemex

We all know that NFTs became a very important part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Indeed, Digital artists and investors see that they are now able to engage in different initiatives that involve creating and handling different NFTs. 

The Dikemex NFT platform would work in order to support a wide range of digital product auctions and listings. The goal is to include as many possible NFTs as possible, from items to play in different games to digital art and encrypted collections. Moreover, they also want to add celebrity digital signatures and personal creations. 

Dikemex is here to promote an entire ecosystem of NFT trading in which artists, creators, users and collectors would be able to own a real collectable piece that runs on top of blockchain technology. This shows that the Dikemex Network wants to build a unique NFT and Metaverse platform. 


It is very important to understand how the DIK token allocation is performed. Team and advisors receive 10% of the tokens created by the Dikemex network. These funds are fully locked for an entire year and there would be quarterly disbursements of 5% increments. 

10% of the tokens on the Dikemex network would be used for seed investors with a lockup period of 24 months. The private sale is expected to receive 20% of the tokens created starting on September 20, 2021. 

20% of the tokens would be used for the staking platform. These are going to be used for the staking program and other promotional campaigns. These funds could be used in both liquidity and staking pools. 

There would also be a push for marketing and community engagement. We are talking about 15% of the tokens allocated towards marketing efforts. These efforts include community partnerships and other types of loyalty programs. 

Another 10% of the tokens are expected to be used for partnerships and staking on major exchanges. This has a very positive impact on the entire ecosystem as it would let the Dikemex project gain exposure to investors from all over the world. 

Finally, 5% of the tokens would be used for a foundational reserve and 10% would go to the public sale starting on November 6, 2021. 

Dikemex Staking

This is going to be one of the most important aspects of this platform. Indeed, it would be possible to start staking DIK tokens and earn rewards on them. By locking up your crypto tokens, you would be securing the Dikemex network and you would help the entire ecosystem to process efficient transactions. 

Users can stake their tokens in two different ways, through validators on the network or using a traditional staking method. Validators power the blockchain by processing transactions while stakers on exchanges would be giving the power to the exchange to operate as a validator. 

Users would be able to select for how long they want to stake their coins. They can do so for 6 months, for 9 months or for 12 months. The minimum possible stake is 100,000 DIK and it is expected for delegators to earn between 24% to 96% APY. 


The project has already been working for several months and it has already achieved many goals. For example, it was able to set up a legal entity, establish a 5-year investment plan and start talks with high-profile investors. 

Now, we should understand what the project is doing in order for the next months to be even better than those that already passed. During the last quarter of 2021, the goal is to register a public presale, launch publicly on Pancakeswap, offer to stake to users and release an Android and iOS app. 

The first quarter of 2022 includes publishing a 2022 detailed roadmap, and releasing a live experience video streaming media platform. Moreover, during the second quarter of 2022, the goal is to launch a new NFT video platform with P2P video delivery, create Dikemex communities, get new CEX listings and more. 

During the last 2 quarters of 2022, the plans become even more ambitious. The goal is to publish a decentralized exchange, add inter-blockchain compatibility, reach new markets and publish a 10-year plan to reach the goal of 100 million users. 

The final goal is to invest in Metaverse research that would include Virtual Reality, work on decentralized governance solutions and plan a new digital identity. 


The team behind this NFT and Metaverse platform is composed of Ksawery Kucharski, the CEO and Co-Founder, Henryk Maciejewski, the COO and Co-Founder, Emma Kania, the Chief Marketing Officer, and Storm Madsen, Lead Blockchain Developer. 

There are other team members that would be working on other initiatives and that would let the Dikemex platform reach a larger number of users in the coming years. 

Final Words

Dikemex Network is an NFT and Metaverse platform that aims at creating a wide range of solutions for individuals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Through these services, the goal is to reach 100 million users in the coming years and build some of the most advanced solutions in the crypto industry. 

With the expansion of NFTs and Metaverse, Dikemex Network’s team decided to gather strength and focus on offering some of the most unique services to crypto users from all over the world. The public sale of the token is currently live, which means that users can already get exposure to this project.

Table of Contents


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