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Dogecoin is Unexpectedly Helping Ethereum to Solve its Scaling Issues

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Doge, a cryptocurrency that was born as a “joke currency” is now helping Ethereum to solve its scaling issues. As it is known, Ethereum is facing several difficulties in order to scale its network. Dogecoin is playing a crucial role in order to test new technologies in the Ethereum network.

Dogecoin Tests Ethereum’s Technologies

On February the 5th, the technology truebit sent Dogecoin to Ethereum’s Rinkeby Testnet. Once there, the Dogecoin became a distinct asset on the blockchain. This transaction achieves a historic milestone towards interoperability of crypto assets. The test has been nicknamed “dogethereum bridge” and marks the first release of truebit.

Ethereum’s network is congested due to the fact that the data needs to be sored in the globally database and it requires three times more data than Bitcoin. Truebit aims to scale not only transactions, as other scaling solution like raiden and sharding propose, but it also tries to scale any type of Ethereum computation.

The cryptocurrency Ether is not just used for financial purposes, but the whole network is used by several developers all over the world. Truebit may be help all these developers having a smoother experience in the future.

Truebit co-founder Jason Teutsch commented about it:

“We built a first version of that, which we are calling “truebit lite.” It demonstrates that all the core pieces of truebit work. It is a big milestone for us.”

With the technology that is available right now, some participants need to behave in an altruistic way. That means that the system verifiers are performing expensive computations to help the network. The intention of truebit is to offer, one day, the possibility to reward participants for doing computational work on their computers.

At the moment, there is not an estimated date for how long it will take to launch that on Ethereum.

“It is always hard to make estimates like that because one of the rules of software engineering is, ‘However long you think something’s going to take, it ill take three times as long,’” commented truebit developer Sina Habibian.

For more details, you can check Coindesk’s article regarding this.

Table of Contents


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