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eBay May Accept Cryptocurrencies In The Future as the Platform Drops PayPal as Main Payment Option

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The cryptocurrency community has always been asking for eBay to accept cryptocurrency payments. It is not the first time that rumours appear to be circulating in the web about this possibility. The reality is that the famous platform is dropping PayPal as the main payment option. eBay may integrate with a new payment system built by a Dutch company. This partnership would allow the e-commerce platform to accept different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Will eBay Accept Cryptocurrencies?

It is clear that PayPal and eBay have had a close commercial relationship during the last years. But it seems that this partnership is coming to an end. It is important to mark that PayPal will not be removed from the platform as a payment option. It will just not be the default options for customers in the site.

Some reasons that pushed eBay to take this decision are the strict regulation of accounts that PayPal has and the random security checks that prevent people from accessing funds fro up to 180 days. Furthermore, PayPal is a more expensive option than other platforms. eBay will see its revenue increased by around $2 billion dollars in the next years just reducing the processing charges.

The famous e-commerce company is looking to integrate a payment system built by Adyen. Adyen is a Dutch company that provides access to many different payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are among the payment options. It is not clear whether eBay will enable the option to accept cryptocurrency payments or not, but it is an important approach to the cryptocurrency world.

If eBay decides so, it may start accepting cryptocurrency payments as the technology becomes more mature. The e-commerce platform will start to test the different methods offered by the Dutch company in order to see the reliability that they have. If the results with cryptocurrencies are better than expected, eBay could keep experimenting and adopt them as a means of payment. Unfortunately, eBay did not disclose too much information about what it is planning to do until the payment system is tested several times.

Table of Contents


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