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Eligma Secures New GoCrypto Token Listing on Bitcoin.com Exchange

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goc token at bitcoin.com exchange

Having recently migrated to the Simple Ledger Protocol, Eligma’s native GoCrypto (GoC) token has now listed on Bitcoin.com Exchange. Slovenian startup Eligma has major plans for the token, which was previously known as ELI and was the subject of a 2018 crowdsale.

The brand new GoCrypto token moved to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain after Eligma raised €4m seed funding back in August from benefactors including Bitcoin.com and the Pangea Blockchain Fund. The company, whose GoCrypto payment gateway lets merchants accept instant crypto payments in-store and online, has long been committed to making virtual currencies more accessible. Now, its own GoC token will be one of the options available to those transacting via the instant GoCrypto payment gateway. GoCrypto supports a range of digital wallets including Bitcoin.com Wallet and Elly, and enables merchants to receive settlement in their preferred local fiat currency.

Boosting merchant adoption of cryptocurrency

Prior to the announcement of its SLP token, Eligma’s solution had already established a presence in over 620 physical stores throughout Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey. Among those to have taken advantage of seamless crypto payments are Tus, one of Slovenia’s biggest grocery chains, as well as multiple restaurants, hotels, car hire firms, shops, sports facilities and travel agents. All the shopper needs to do is scan a purchase QR code with their digital wallet, and choose their preferred means of payment. Eligma believe its GoC token will play a major role within its existing framework. As well as providing basic utility, the GoC functions as a loyalty token, rewarding consumers with 2% cashback from merchants supporting the scheme. The token will be integrated into B2B processes, merchant settlements and referral programs.

“We are thrilled to partner with Eligma to make their token GoCrypto available on our exchange,” said COO of Bitcoin.com Exchange, Danish Chaudhry. “The Bitcoin.com Exchange and Eligma share the same vision of making crypto more accessible. The team behind GoCrypto has impressively onboarded hundreds of merchants to crypto, which makes us every excited for the future.”

Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic was every bit as enthusiastic: “Entering Exchange.Bitcoin.com with our brand new GoC token is not only a new chapter in the history of our native token, but also one of the landmarks of a world expansion of our GoCrypto payment solution. Bitcoin Cash is the most popular currency used by shoppers at GoCrypto spots, and we hope that the GoC token on the BCH blockchain will prove just as useful with its numerous advantages.”

Known for its ultra-low fees, the Bitcoin Cash network appears to be the perfect fit for Eligma and its GoC token, with both entities committed to furthering the selfsame goal: namely, merchant acceptance of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.


Table of Contents


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