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Excellent Trading Tactics for Bitcoin Beginners


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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7 mins
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Many newcomers in cryptocurrency aim to make a kill fast once they start trading. However, before you plunge into the business, it’s critical to arm yourself with knowledge. The market is volatile, and trading without some background information is like groping in the dark. As such, beginners need to familiarize themselves with the fundamental strategies applicable in this market to help them trade profitably. Here are the essential Bitcoin tactics for Bitcoin Beginners.

Use Disposable Income Only

When you trade cryptocurrency, you have to decide beforehand how much of your income you can comfortably dispose of. An essential rule in this mode of trade and others is to trade with only the amount you can afford to lose at any given time. Then as you learn the ropes of the business, you can increase your investment.

In essence, the bitcoin market is a bet, and only a few know how to approach it correctly. So, starting small helps you to keep learning before you commit a higher investment into the trade.

So, be wise when you decide to venture into this investment. Start small, work your way up as you learn, and bring yourself up to par with current politics. This way, you will stand a good chance of making a good profit trading BTC, and in case of a sudden unforeseen nosedive in this major coin’s value, the decrease will not bring you to your knees.

Look for authentic news sources

Digital currencies are sensitive to news, and it’s important to keep abreast of the latest news on the sector. These days, multiple sources for crypto news exist. However, you should look for credible sources for BTC news. Through the news sources, you can easily understand the trends in the industry, which can help you in making critical decisions. For example, positive news can trigger an increase in the value of crypto. A shrewd trader can sell their crypto when their prices increase.

Watch your profits and losses

Your aim of BTC trading is to make some profits. However, you should be aware that the crypto market is highly volatile. While one moment the price of BTC can be so high, the rate can go abnormally low at some other time. The good thing is that you can take advantage of the two situations. Based on your goals, you can buy the crypto when its price goes down and sell it once its value goes up.

Venture into other Digital currencies

BTC is well-known crypto in the industry that has been in the market for a long time. However, other cryptos have emerged in the market. These news altcoins offer you an opportunity to diversify your trades. Diversification offers you a chance to benefit from other cryptos whose rates may be high. However, before determining the best coins to buy, it’s essential to conduct some thorough research and pick up a coin with the most used cases which can add value to the business.

 Make Critical Calculation to Come Up with the Right Amount to Use

While deciding on how much money you need to spend, remember to consider all the different costs you will incur to make a profit. If your gain does not cover all the costs and leaves you with some payback, then you can’t trade digital money. The advice is not meant to discourage you but to help you invest wisely to reach profitability eventually.

It is paramount to note that there will be transaction fees when you make the first step of buying the BTC. Then, most trading platforms will charge you a fee every time you transact. Also, when you finally get to withdrawing, you will be charged a withdrawal fee too.

Your time? Remember the adage that time is money? Your profits on this market, just like any other, should cover your time sufficiently.

How much can you put in a BTC investment? Here is a heads-up. Please don’t put in so much that you break into a sweat at the thought of it. Keep the investment balanced.

As you are unique and your trading more so, find the size of your magic. Should your investment plan go beyond what you are willing to lose, abandon the idea of investing in Bitcoin for the moment, and try again in the future?

Keep an Emergency Fund

Put aside some emergency fund that is not part of your investment. Having some extreme cash to take you through the first several months after your investment while you wait for your BTC prices to get where you want them will shield you from becoming a forced-seller. This way, your long-term investment will be safe.

The emergency fund should cover all your monthly expenses, which you should calculate beforehand. As you sift through your monthly budget, you will see where to cut back and invest extra money in your long-term BTC investment.

Remember to be protective of your investment when people seem greedy and invest when there seems to be a lull in the market. That is your cue to invest more.

Master the Use of Wallets

While at it, master the use of wallets to know which ones can give you what kind of service. While there are many kinds of wallets, each offers its unique service and is the equivalent of your bank account.

The wallets fall into the categories of warm wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets are connected to the internet and are easy targets for online thefts and cyber thefts, leading to losing your money.

Cold wallets have no connection to the net. While they are safe, they are less convenient. As a beginner in the trading tactics of Bitcoin, the hot wallets will give you the versatility you need. In contrast, the cold wallets will offer you excellent protection from geeks and techies who will want to steal your money or your digital currency, but they are less convenient.

Make a plan and Stick to it

What is your approach to this market? Are you fundamentally, technically, or sentimentally oriented? Whatever your approach, put your views into simple, doable steps that you can follow. Planning will significantly assist you in reducing the impact of the fluctuations of the BTC market and making your investment plan easier to follow through.

You can get a lot of assistance using the Major Multiple Maker and buy only when it is below this mark and has a positive MACD Indicator.

In addition, it is good sense to test your theory against the history of data in this market. If it seems unprofitable, quickly reject it and look for one that seems more profitable’.

Fear of losing your money and the greed factor in acquiring more will easily play and interfere with your ability to perform as per plan. So, you will need to summon all your self-discipline to trade according to a set plan and leave your emotions.

Moreover, you can harness the power of trading applications that will pick the market phases and comfortably trade for you at a profit while you learn the ropes of the business. You can now start trading with little to no experience, using trading applications like britishbitcoinprofit.org.

Keep a Diary

Remember to Document each step in your trading so that you can trace when it tallies with your signals and instincts in this field. Did it go well when you instinctively felt that it would? Were your signals, right?

A diary will answer that for you. While it’s true that most trading platforms will keep a good record of the time, date, and direction of your volume of trade, they will not be able to show how what agrees, or not, with the sixth and intuitive sense and the finer details of your spreadsheet.

With your well-kept documentary, you will eventually understand your weaknesses and strengths, your tendencies and how they affect your trading, and what you can improve on or leave out altogether.

Compare Your Results Against Buy and Hodl

As a newbie in the digital market, you are advised to use Buy and Hodl strategy, which essentially means buy and hold your Bitcoin or make a long-term investment.

This game plan requires that you invest in BTC when the prices are low and keep the token for as long as possible until you register an increase in price so that you can make an excellent payback.

Bitcoin has proved that, given time, its price will always appreciate. Therefore, plan to hold on to your BTC until you make a tidy profit.

The Final Word

Although Bitcoin trading may not be of value to everyone, it is notable that you can realize good returns with crypto trading with due diligence. Nonetheless, suppose your heart is prone to flip-flops in the face of uncertainty. In that case, grow a stronger one, and you will realize better returns here than in most other investments. ‘Buy and Hold your BTC until the money comes raining down.

As Bitcoin gets past her thirteenth birthday, it is clear that the crypto world is giving the fiat currency a run for all its worth, and it’s here to stay. So invest in Blockchain trading.