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Gambling Tourism: Where To Go

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Gambling Tourism

For a traveler, the first priority is often filling up their backpacks with plenty of exciting new memories. Globetrotters enjoy investing a lot of time and energy in finding new, never-tried-before things to do and looking for a new real money casino. The thrill of gambling tourism is definitely something worthy of featuring on an adventurous soul’s bucket list. A few hours at one of the many real money casinos across the world can stimulate an adrenaline rush like never before! Besides, the recent ripple of de-tabooing activities like gambling has certainly done its part in making the experience way more enjoyable.

In fact, gambling tourism is a whole sector now. For open-minded travelers who are really up for exciting new adventures, recreational real-money gambling can be a wonderful experience. Especially for travel destinations that are popular for their nightlife, casinos contribute heavily towards the tourism sector. They also do wonders for the economy too, by the way. Casinos are a melange of thrill-lovers from all over the world!

Where to Go for Nonpareil Experience

Casinos are growing in popularity as tourist attractions, but some cities really are on an entirely level already. According to their popularity and tourist traffic, certain casino destinations are the forerunners on the casino scene of the world. Here is a list of the best places to check out the casinos.

  • Las Vegas
  • Monte Carlo
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • Aruba
  • Goa

Las Vegas

As books and movies have enforced time and again, Las Vegas is the place to be for a fun night. Famous for its thriving nightlife, Vegas is the ultimate destination for those looking to unwind with the thrill of real-life pokies. As a tourism hub promoted primarily for its casino industry, Las Vegas lives up to its name. The city is host to around seventy casinos. Some are popular for their incredibly aesthetic interior decor in terms of aesthetics, while others are famous for their unique and original drinks. Some have unmatched entertainment and games, while others are famous for their additional services, like the ones available at the bar or hotel attached to the casino. The variety is the most attractive thing about the gambling scene in Las Vegas. A majority of these casinos are centered around the famed Las Vegas Strip, but the city also abounds in quainter and quieter environments— if that’s what one prefers. The Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Cosmopolitan Casino, and The Venetian are all musts for anyone wishing to check out Las Vegas’ nightlife.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo might just take one’s breath away with its grandeur. In recent times, it has earned the reputation of being the go-to casino hub for the creme de la creme of society. Flashy cars, that most can only afford to dream about, running around like cabs on the streets and the parking area of a high-end casino might just strike as completely mind-blowing. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the casinos here are closed off to the common man.

Monte Carlo is home to some of the oldest casinos in Europe, so no wonder this place seems to ooze its own heritage and personality! The views of the city itself are breathtaking, with the glistening bay contributing generously to the appeal. The ambiance and experience of the Casino Monte-Carlo are unparalleled. 


For someone who enjoys the culture of the east and would like to have a flavor of it in their gambling experience, Macau might be the one-stop destination. In fact, Macau’s gambling industry is arguably larger than that of Las Vegas— which speaks tons about why it is a favorite hub of so many casino enthusiasts all across the world.

It combines Asian culture with the adrenalin rush of the casino and produces the perfect recipe for an entirely unforgettable time. As a previous Portuguese colony, Macau still retains some of the outstanding and unique aesthetics of that era. The architecture around the city is quaint and majestic, but the old school aura doesn’t extend to anything but the charm of the place. In general, it is a highly modernized gambling destination, with multiple real money casinos dotting the city. The establishments like Casino Babylon and Venetian Macau Limited deserve a special mention.


As a country that only legalized gambling in 2005, it is simply amazing how much Singapore has already made out of its gambling industry. This newbie gambling destination has been turning heads ever since it entered the picture, with its unmatched service for tourists and affordability. It isn’t just a place to go and bet on pokies, either! The sheer variety of activities to indulge in is enough to lure in international guests. The casinos are just adding bling, but they sure know how to grab the spotlight! Marina Bay Sands is a very popular casino cum resort that can basically provide for anything that a guest might need for a blissful experience— whether one is looking for the rush of placing bets or just a nice and rejuvenating unwinding session. Resorts World Sentosa Casino also deserves a spot on the list of prominent places worth checking out.


This Dutch island would be a must-visit for any connoisseur of gambling traveling in the Caribbean region. The beaches, sunsets, and jaw-dropping scenery are already huge plus points working in favor of this travel destination. The appeal of this place is simply upped by a few notches when the casinos are factored in as the chief attractions of this place.

The most interesting feature of this beautiful island is that a number of the casinos here in this region are open throughout the day. It is almost as if the destination believes that any hour one feels that they have the time and energy to place some bets is a good hour for gambling! CasaBlanca Casino and Copacabana Casino in Aruba will make one feel like the main character of a movie right from the moment they step in!


While gambling is generally looked down upon according to Indian culture, Goa still maintains a reputation as a gambling destination across the world. It is one of the rare instances where gambling is actually legal in the country.

Goa has been holding its own as the “Las Vegas of India”, and it is a destination for the country’s gambling enthusiasts, as well as international patrons of the casinos here. Not just that— Goa is actually quite famous for its specialty, which is actually a casino on the sea! More like a yacht party compared to the convention of a casino being an in-land establishment at a certain location, the casino in question is called Majestic Pride. The sea wind and the real money slots act as the perfect getaway for someone who enjoys recreational gambling.

A taste of a real money casino can be the perfect round-off for an adventurous vacation. A popular casino, with the variety in its clientele, can be the ultimate destination for making friends and memories. With gambling tourism picking up its pace, and the taboo around this recreational activity being slowly written off, now would be the perfect time to grab tickets to one of the destinations listed above, and gather some unforgettable experiences! 

Table of Contents


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