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Ganja Guruz vs Bored Ape Yacht Club: Which NFT Collection is Rising Faster in Value?

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The world of NFTs has taken the crypto world by storm in the past 12 months, and while everyone does not love them, they have caught most people’s attention due to the volume and number of projects popping up in the space.

The most popular NFTs are often the most valuable, with buyers spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to buy an NFT— often tied to a community — that they can either hold or trade for a profit.

With that in mind, this guide will discuss the two best NFTs, Ganja Guruz vs Bored Ape Yacht Club, in detail, reviewing which among them is rising faster in value on the market right now. Let us get started.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The BAYC started as a simple NFT collection, but the designs rapidly went crazy. Its gallery consists of 10,000 uninterested-looking illustrations of apes with randomly generated features.

When it was first released, each image was worth 0.8 ETH, around $190, but now the base price is approximately $288,000.

This explains why the only people you will see with one of these monkeys are celebrities or those early adopters that were fast enough and saw potential in this gallery when it was in its early stage.

These monkeys vary in rarity depending on their features. A feature is rare if it is below one percent on the rarity scale, making it much more valuable and expensive.

The BAYC was created by Yuga Labs, a developer group of four creators who originally had unknown identities but recently revealed their names and faces in a Buzzfeed article.

However, when you buy one of these NFTs, you not only get a cool profile picture, but you also become part of an exclusive worldwide community that grants access to several perks of the crypto world.

Some of these perks are access to exclusive NFTs, discounts, or community events like conventions held in Los Angeles and New York.

BudBlockz Ganja Guruz

As an upcoming NFT project that has built up a tremendous amount of hype in recent months, Ganja Guruz by BudBlockz should be on your radar if you are an NFT collector.

Thanks to its novel concept of attaching fractional ownership to its NFT marketplace, the NFT project has caught the eyes of many investors and collectors.

Beyond its attention-grabbing art style, many liken Ganja Guruz to other best NFTs to invest in because the NFT’s designs are simple, bright, and easy to digest upon inspection.

The initial mint includes 10,000 Ganja Guruz NFTs, all of which feature plenty of design options, providing a lot of choices.

Ganja Guruz holders can take advantage of various benefits, including being fractional owners in cannabis businesses worldwide, promotional offers and discount codes to buy different cannabis products at exciting prices, and access to various incredible CBD facilities throughout the BudBlockz ecosystem.

Ganja Guruz NFTs offer diversity and creativity, moving beyond the mere collectible and into the real world. If you are looking for the best NFTs to invest in, it is time to consider buying Ganja Guruz.


Table of Contents


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