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Governments Worldwide Start Using Blockchain Networks to Improve Their Processes

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Governments all over the world are starting to use a wide range of blockchain networks provided by different companies and firms. This is part of a trend that shyly started a few years ago. One of the main characteristics is related to the fact that both developed and developing economies are starting to adopt distributed ledger technology.

RSK Smart Contract Network 

A natural gas distributor in Argentina called Gasnor, has received approval from the local gas regulator in order to start piloting a smart contract certification platform. RSK, a smart contract platform on top of Bitcoin, is going to be providing the technical support for the certification platform to properly run and work. This would allow Gasnet to secure and speed the gas certification processes in the country. 

In this case, Gasnor will be reducing the paperwork and documentation that before was handled using legacy systems, old platforms and archaic processes. With the RSK Smart Contract Network and a modified enterprise version of this platform, it will be possible for Gasnor to offer better services to clients in a country where bureaucracy is still an issue. 

The permissioned blockchain platform developed by IOV Labs and Grupo Sabra would be helping the company to certify different steps in the whole data certification process. 

RSK has been working with different companies worldwide in order to offer solutions in several industries. RSK is working with diverse sectors, including finance, investment, insurance, logistics, entertainment and many others. City level governments can also benefit from blockchain technology by mitigating corruption and increasing transparency on the hiring process of contractors and third party suppliers. Additionally, citizens could analyze through blockchain technology how their taxes are being used at a local level. OS City is also an example of how you can make this happen.

Last but not least, central banks could also benefit from blockchain technology. CBDCs would enable central banks the possibility to speed up monetary policy transmission though there may be concerns related to privacy, confiscation and negative interest rates. Simply put, many people would still prefer to have paper money. However, CBCDc are just one use case of blockchain technology for central banks. Another interesting (and less controversial) option is related to using blockchain technology as a mechanism for central and commercial banks to increase the efficiency of internal communications. On this aspect, RSK is also contributing by working on an implementation with the Central Bank of Argentina. 

Blockchain Technology Broad Use Cases

One of the platforms that are using RSK’s solutions is GiveTrack. The goal behind this partnership is to provide transparency and accountability to donors by using financial information in real-time.

The interesting thing about this platform is that it has been built using Bitcoin (BTC) – the largest cryptocurrency in the market – and RSK’s technology. In this way, they are able to provide a customized platform for nonprofits that is user friendly and has a user-friendly interface. 

Another example can be found with Money on Chain, which uses a BTC collateralized stablecoin. Users can have a Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin if they want to reduce the volatility of their portfolios. In addition to it, by using the RSK Blockchain, Money on Chain is offering a decentralized token exchange to trade digital assets. 

Another company using RSK solutions is dexFreight. This platform offers shippers, carriers and supply-chain stakeholders the possibility to collaborate among each other and get information in a much more efficient and secure way. So this is a great example of how blockchain technology can be used in the supply chain both by the private sector and governments.

Clearly, the logistics industry is full of inefficiencies that can be improved by using blockchain technology. RSK is providing the necessary solutions so as for dexFreight to offer better solutions to clients in different regions of the world. 

RSK at the Forefront

There are several use cases for RSK blockchain solutions. Government, agencies and firms from different countries are starting to use these solutions to make their services and processes much more efficient and RSK looks like a great option for government-focused blockchain solutions.

RSK provides a wide range of services that would help the entire market build the future on top of Bitcoin and smart contracts. As the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain markets move forward RSK continues to increase its presence in the space and provide the necessary solutions to firms in the industry.

Table of Contents


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