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Halong Mining – The Bitmain Killer?

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Cryptocurrencies, in general, are created/mined from complex mathematical computations by a special software and hardware meant for this kind of calculation and in turn gets a certain number of bitcoin for the task carried out. This function generates more bitcoins into circulation, gives incentives and also provides an avenue for more people to join the mining process.

Mining bitcoin most especially was profitable for early adopters. Though it’s still much very profitable, as the value of coins increases, it takes longer to recover the cost incurred in setting up a mining station than it was years back. You probably would want to mine other alternative cryptocurrencies that are not so expensive as bitcoin to make few dollars a day and as time goes on, and the cryptocurrency you are mining increases in value, you could be seating on thousands of dollars just as it is in the case of bitcoin today.

What is the DragonMint Miner? 

After extensive research and development of over 12 months, Halong Mining came up with the DragonMint Miner which is said to be the most efficient Bitcoin miner as of today.

It’s way faster and cooler than other miners in its category. It’s brought tangible advancements in mining technologies and presents a brand new generation of ASIC mining chips. According to their website, over 100 leaders and experts in their respective fields have been said to have contributed to this project since December 2016 which the project started. The power efficiency of the DM8575 DragonMint Miner is around 0.75J per GH and runs at about  85GHz per chip.

The purpose of producing the DragonMint Miner is to facilitate decentralization with Bitcoin mining and to offer an alternative to Bitmain.

The prototype of the DragonMint Miner is already produced and have been thoroughly tested; you can watch it in operation in this video. Now, the Halong Mining team is ready to move into mass production of the ASIC miner with the first batch rolling out soon.

You can pre-order the DragonMint Bitcoin Miner in the shop section of their official site. It costs $1,350 to get one, without the power supply unit. The power supply unit costs an additional $115.

With a total of $1,465, you are sure to start mining bitcoin, and profitably also. Shipping is said to commence as from March 2018 and will be strictly on a first pay, first to get basis. Minimum order is five units, and you can order as many as possible.

This could be your opportunity to get in as a miner and be part of the decentralized community, processing and generating bitcoins into circulation. As the value of bitcoin grows, which it is right now and very fast, you are sure to make some real profits in the short term.

Table of Contents


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