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Hedera Network Launches The ChatGPT Plugin

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Users can check account balances using a network explorer or programmatically access them using the plugin’s use of the mirror node Rest API.

ChatGPT, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and Hedera, the native cryptocurrency of the Hedera network, have combined with artificial intelligence (AI). ChatGPT may create safe connections with the Hedera network and utilize its capabilities, such as the Hedera Consensus Service, Hedera Token Service, and Smart Contract Service, by using the decentralized nature of blockchain networks.

Ed Marquez, a developer, shared instructions for making the plugin on Twitter, focused on the token balances of Hedera accounts. Users can access account balances via a network explorer or by using the plugin’s use of the mirror node Rest application programming interface (API) to retrieve them programmatically.

The ledger that contains tokens, such as HBAR, fungible tokens, and nonfungible tokens created on Hedera, also stores accounts in Hedera.

The integration of ChatGPT with the Hedera network enables the retrieval of token and HBAR balances from Hedera accounts using a plugin. By streamlining communication between ChatGPT and the blockchain, this integration makes it easier for users to manage and monitor their assets.

Users can install the plugin in the ChatGPT user interface once it has been developed and the API is active. Then, users can communicate with ChatGPT to learn more about the token and HBAR balances connected to Hedera accounts. To obtain the required data, the plugin will make a request to the Hedera mirror node Rest API.

AI-generated content’s verifiability and integrity are guaranteed by blockchain technology. Without having to worry about exorbitant costs or long wait times, users can engage in microtransactions, access premium content, and participate in tokenized economies.

Decentralized application development is also made possible by it. By establishing decentralized marketplaces, collaborative platforms, and rewarding user contributions, these apps can take advantage of the advantages of both technologies.

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