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Improve Your Anonymity In The Cryptocurrency Market Using BitMix

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We have been handling cryptocurrencies for long periods of time. While many of us know that digital currencies are very useful, some users consider that they are also anonymous. Nonetheless, this is a very wrong concept that individuals have.

Virtual currencies are not anonymous. Indeed, exchanges, governments, hackers and stealers are able to extract your information while handling digital assets. This is why it is very important to have better anonymity features in the space.

BitMix is one of the solutions that aim at providing crypto users the privacy they need to make transfers and handling their funds in the market.

Cryptocurrency Market Anonymity Problems

As mentioned before, many users consider that handling digital assets can be done anonymously. However, various criminal groups were able to get valuable and private data from users allowing them to know which is your main Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC) wallets.

Exchanges collect data from users such as addresses, names, IPs, localization, fiscal information and more. This is why exchanges may not only expose users’ funds – if they hold them in hot wallets – but also private data.

This private information can be extracted and used to target victims that can later be hacked, attacked or threatened. If that happens, this user would certainly realize that virtual currencies were not anonymous.

Furthermore, governments have contacted firms such as Chainalysis that make blockchain analyses in order to detect criminals. Although this can be very useful to capture illegal traders, it is also used to investigate normal traders.

Increasing Anonymity With BitMix

BitMix, one of the most popular and used Bitcoin mixers in the cryptocurrency market, have a very good solution to this problem. BitMix protects crypto users to take care of their privacy. This would reduce the chances of getting attacked by hackers.

Indeed, attackers would not get your private information when you purchase your meal using virtual currencies. All the information about the transfers and funds you own are stored on public blockchains.

BitMix is a very easy to use service that provides solutions to those that need to have improved privacy while using their digital assets. BitMix offers support in a wide range of languages not to exclude any person from any region.

At the moment, the languages supported include: English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Dutch and Polish. In the future, new languages can be added to BitMix.

Although Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the market, BitMix takes into account there are users of other virtual currencies that want to have their private data protected. This is why they offer support to Bitcoin, Dash (DASH) and Litecoin (LTC).

It is also worth mentioning that BitMix offers support for Clearnet, Tor and NoJS (without JavaScript). This is specifically useful for the most exigent and sophisticated users that work with a wide range of platforms.

At the moment, the minimal amount for mixing is 0.005 BTC or 0.015 LTC, which are currently worth $46 and $1,04 respectively. That means that users do not need to manage large amounts of virtual currencies, but by sending just a few dollars they can already protect their data and privacy.

Getting Even More Anonymous

The BitMix Bitcoin blender is a service that works with the highest standards in the space. This is why all the transfers are processed instantly and the coins will be received by the address you selected after the confirmation by the network. The receiver will get the funds totally cleaned, avoiding being targetted by hackers or criminals.

To protect privacy even further and to offer state-of-the-art anonymity to crypto users, BitMix uses hard drive encryption and never store any logs. All the entries are removed after 72 hours or instantly with a request in the order page.

Users will also be able to select the fee they pay to reduce the chances attackers have to discover the transfers made. If an attacker knows the service fee, they can easily analyze the blockchain and get the exact sum transferred by the user.

Individuals using BitMix Bitcoin mixer will also get a unique code that would allow them to never receive any of the previous coins they have sent to the reserves. This would ensure users will remain completely anonymous in the cryptocurrency market when handling their funds.

For more exigent traders and individuals, the randomize option will be a good tool. Indeed, by just sending 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC, users will simply have the possibility to receive more than one transaction to the destination address. This is very useful to protect users’ anonymity and privacy because it makes it much more difficult for blockchain analyzers to understand how the transactions behave.

This Bitcoin mixing service will also provide you with manual and auto-adjust settings. This will help you get maximum performance while mixing your funds. In addition to it, this Bitcoin mixer will also offer a partner program in which they provide clients with instant payouts for every single transaction that is made by an invited user.

All the addresses that are generated by BitMix are digitally confirmed to be truly and randomly generated by the company’s server.

Finally, and for crypto projects handling clients’ funds, they provide an API that makes it very easy to help users clear their coins, protect their private data and remain anonymous while using their favourite digital assets.


In this article, we have shared with you which are the main benefits of using the solutions provided by BitMix and how they can be very useful to improve anonymity in the crypto market.

By handling your funds with this Bitcoin blender, you will certainly be sure that the funds you are transacting are private. Moreover, when you will perform transactions, you will know that your private data is protected against hackers or criminals.

If you want to know more about this Bitcoin mixing service you can visit the official site of the company:

Main: https://bitmix.biz/en

NoJS: https://bitmix.biz/en/nojs

TOR (Recommended): http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion


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