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Is it Safe to Bet with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

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It is always discussed whether betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is something safe to do. Over the last few years, we have seen how a wide range of cryptocurrency betting sites have offered new games and solutions to players from all over the world. Despite this expansion, some users remain reluctant to join different online crypto casinos. 

What is Bitcoin Betting?

Bitcoin betting is an activity in which players use Bitcoin to bet on different online casino games. They do not necessarily need to use Bitcoin, but they can use multiple digital currencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Tether (USDT), among others. You can always check a Bitcoin betting guide to better understand how the industry works and how Bitcoin betting lets you get access to unique games and services from different online casinos. 

There are some advantages of using Bitcoin to bet at online casinos around the world. Although some of the advantages are linked to improved security compared to traditional payment methods, there are some users that are still worried about using BTC to play their favourite casino games. 

In the next sections, we tell you some of the safety reasons for using Bitcoin at online casinos. You would not only have cheaper and faster transactions (deposits and withdrawals) but you will also be more secure online. 

Safety Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Online Casinos

Safety is one of the reasons why people prefer to play at online casinos using Bitcoin. As we mentioned before, there are some advantages of using cryptocurrencies to play at different online casinos. 

Basically, we consider that there are three main aspects to take into consideration: you will not share your private data with unwanted third parties, your transactions will also not be rejected and you control your crypto funds at all times. 

Although there are some other security features linked to cryptocurrencies (for example with privacy coins) we would focus on the following ones. 

You Don’t Share Private Data

People that use Bitcoin to play at different online crypto casinos don’t have to be worried about sharing their private data. That means that it would be safer for you to use Bitcoin than other traditional payment methods. 

For example, when you make a deposit using a bank account or debit and credit cards, you will have to share very valuable information with the casino site before your payment is processed. Some information includes name and surname, bank account number and credit and debit card data. This is very dangerous as hackers and stealers could try to get access to this private data. 

Over the last years, we have seen how different websites were hacked and attacked, exposing users’ private information. With Bitcoin, this does not happen. You would only send the funds to the BTC address shared by the cryptocurrency online casino. That’s how easy and safe it is to use Bitcoin while playing at online crypto casinos. 

Transactions Cannot Be Rejected

Another positive thing about using Bitcoin is related to the fact that your transactions cannot be rejected. As soon as you send a transaction (deposit) to the casino platform, you will not have to be worried about this transaction being rejected by the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is censorship resistant. 

This is safer than using traditional payment methods such as bank transfers or debit and credit cards. Why? Because banks and card operators could block your transaction to a crypto casino site. Hence, it becomes safer to use Bitcoin. You will be sure that your transaction would be processed without delays or confirmation from your side. 

The same will happen with a withdrawal. In some cases, traditional payment methods might block these transactions, which could create problems for you. If you want to make sure that your transfer goes through, Bitcoin would be the best option. 

You Are the Owner of Your Funds

Finally, you should know that when you handle Bitcoin to play at online casino platforms you would be the owner of your funds. When you use bank accounts or debit and credit cards, you rely on other companies and firms that would process your payment and information. 

Instead, with Bitcoin, you are the owner of your funds. The best thing to do would be to hold your BTC in a cryptocurrency wallet and use them to pay for your favourite games at online Bitcoin casinos. Your funds will reach the casino’s wallet and you will receive your funds right after you request a withdrawal. 

As we have seen in this post, betting with Bitcoin is safer than using other types of payment methods. You will have the possibility to control your data, control your funds and avoid being censored by payment methods and traditional financial companies.

Table of Contents


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