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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces The Listing Of Decred DCR

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kucoin x decred partnership

KuCoin has been widely recognized because of its state-of-the-art platform. And today, KuCoin once again verified its reliability as one of the best exchange markets globally as they have listed another promising project, Decred DCR.

The DCR token is now open for immediate deposit using KuCoin’s Android and iOS app, or through their official website, www.kucoin.com. Trading pairs include DCR/BTC and DCR/ETH.

Buying starts at 19:30 UTC+8 while selling/withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

About Decred (DCR)

It is a digital currency that is autonomous and is self-ruling. Stakeholder is the one to formulate governing rules.

Decred was developed from simple verified open-source technology. Its modular codebase is contributing a distinctive capacity to adjust easily.  It can also balance to the most recent technology of blockchain. The technology began the first efficient direct user activated on-chain consensus vote. It represents a comprehensive approach to the governance of stakeholders. It is where the community of Decred drives the development and builds decision altogether. This project will empower individuals, groups, and companies.

How does Decred work?

Decred is a community-powered platform. Stakeholder engaging in the conceptualization of decisions will earn rewards for efforts and contributions. The strong contractor model and sustainable funding let anyone join on Decred any time of the day. These will also support its governance. The value of the system is in the hands of people or organization operating on it. They put their efforts together to build a decentralized future ahead on us.

An innovative hybrid of consensus voting system, PoS and PoW are all highlighted on this. It contains smart contracts including Lightning Network which all work on the growth of the system. Another attribute is presented as a public proposal platform which is empowered through blockchain. Moreover, it is a censor-resistant. A cross-chain atomic swap on different cryptocurrencies is observed here too.

 Decred DCR Autonomous Currency

DCR is the cryptocurrency representation for Decred’s token. The supply was twenty-one million as its maximum. Presently, more than 8 million is distributing on the crypto market. The hybridization provides a balance among stakeholders and miners. It supports many kinds of good supports to secure the network. Not all coins are mined. Therefore, possibilities still await new miners.

Table of Contents


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