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Lacoste Adds New Rewards To Its NFT Ecosystem

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The most recent addition to the Lacoste Web3 world provides members with access to “creative sessions, contests, video games, and interactive conversations.”

On Thursday, the French clothing company Lacoste added awards and a co-creation function to the ecosystem of its non-fungible token (NFT).

In June 2022, Lacoste unveiled its UNDW3 collection of 11,212 profile picture (PFP) NFTs while teasing its community with “Genesis Passes” and future Web3 expansion plans. The community gained access to limited-edition goods and IRL community activities by possessing the NFTs.

The cost to mint each NFT in the collection was 0.08 ETH, or around $95 at the time. Crocodile-themed PFPs were airdropped to holders in September. When the NFTs were first announced, Lacoste suggested that they would be a part of “an experiential, interactive, and co-creative universe.”

According to a press release, the newest addition to the Lacoste Web3 universe enables Genesis Pass holders to convert their NFTs into a UNDW3 card and connect their wallets to a specific site to obtain access to “creative sessions, contests, video games, and interactive conversations.” The platform will also provide users with points for their participation on the website, which might land them a spot in the leaderboard and “add rarity” to their NFT.

The most recent release is a component of Lacoste’s long-term Web3 goal, according to a statement from Catherine Spindler, deputy CEO of the company.

According to Spindler, “Pioneering the concept of a dynamic NFT within our industry is a testament to our bold vision.” Beyond the fads around NFTs and the metaverse, we believe that blockchain will accelerate the emergence of a more inclusive and engaging digital space. Our clients are invited to participate in our creative process by being rewarded as co-creators and developing horizontal ties with them.

Lacoste has made efforts to digitize their garments, previously collaborating with the online game Roblox to provide digital clothing pieces. Recently, other fashion companies including Nike, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci also increased their NFT product offers.

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