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Libdogecoin Unveils Comprehensive Update To Enhance Meme Coin’s Development Process

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A key developer of the well-known meme currency Dogecoin (DOGE) has announced significant blockchain upgrades that will facilitate protocol development.

The project will undergo many changes, including support for QR codes, additional languages, message signing, and Windows builds, according to a recent announcement from DOGE developer Michi Lumin to their 32,000 Twitter followers.

For both developers and non-developers, language support will be added as a result of the change, according to Lumin.

Lumin stated that the upgraded version of the software would allow the generation of seed phrases to and from keys in multiple languages. Additionally, the included ‘such’ executable will provide non-developers with access to this functionality as a utility, which can be used to generate mnemonic phrases.

The developer continues by saying that the blockchain can now enable QR codes that can create images in addition to message signing.

The latest version of Libdogecoin was announced to have new features, including the ability to generate QR codes on the fly in text, jpeg, and png formats without the need for additional libraries. This functionality is also available in the ‘such’ utility. Additionally, Libdogecoin now supports both message and transaction signing and verification.

Additional additions include the ability for Libdogecoin to be “ready-to-build” once loaded into MS Visual Studio on Windows and the capability for developers to query a flag to determine whether or not it was created with network functionality.

According to the developer, the upgrade also includes remedies for other persistent issues that developers may have faced when building on the meme asset, such as memory integrity checks, truncation corrections, and length checks for edge cases.

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