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LyoPay – the most revolutionary super app in the crypto market

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LyoPay changes the game regarding the standard techniques into the cryptocurrency area for transactions, exchanges, and payments. It is a multi-purpose platform that manages traditional currencies as well as cryptocurrencies building a bridge between them. 

Forget the traditional ways, which cost you time and are difficult to use. LyoPay is the greatest daily services solution.

LyoPay team 

The team is made up of 150 experienced individuals that have spent many years in the cryptocurrency industry and understand precisely what is missing and what the individual’s demands are. 

The team is accountable and ready to act on new items that enter the market by incorporating them into the platform. They offer their members the most outstanding services available on the market.

External advisors on the platform include legal advice, a business accelerator, a product manager, a team performance strategist, and a marketing and communication expert.

Main Features

The LyoPay platform is a user-friendly website that provides individuals access to the best services available in the cryptocurrency market. They have access to:

SEPA E-banking: this allows them to make transfers in many currencies and receive them in a short time, ranging from 2 Hours max 24 Hours

Exchange instant trading: the ability to exchange traditional and cryptocurrencies instantly and with minimal fees. 

Mastercard: offers the option of using Mastercard to shop online.

Stablecoin: four stablecoins allow transactions to be processed all over the world. 

Crypto wallet: members may safely store cryptocurrency in their crypto wallets and make simple transactions to other wallets.

Cold wallet storage: strong wallet security using cold wallet storage and offline storage where consumers can manage it through a smartphone with an encrypted Bluetooth connection. 

Turbo swap: which converts money and cryptocurrency for a cheap cost on over 100 exchange rates. 

QR codes, NFC, phone top-up, mobile node, pool master node, safebox, VPN, crypto chat, travel, referral, shopping, marketplace, tokens, and cashback are just some of the features that are on their way to being launched on the platform.

LyoPay platform

The LyoPay platform was first intended to be a payment application, but the team discovered that individuals require a multi-serviced platform that works with fiat and cryptocurrencies. The platform complies with KYC, AML, OWASP, and European General Data Protection Regulation laws. 

LyoPay is a cloud solution that combines several services from multiple partners located in various parts of the world into a single super app, allowing for faster global expansion. Professional trading, travel booking, a launchpad page, and other services are also available on the platform.

Lyopay falls into the category of a super app because it incorporates various services provided by third parties. It was established to meet the need to connect consumers and retailers, allowing them to complete transactions more efficiently. Furthermore, they provide a single account with numerous functions, allowing a person to use the same account for most or all services.


The distinction between LyoPay’s products and services and those offered by other platforms is that LyoPay can provide all the services that an individual requires. 

They are prepared to make the most significant move into the cryptocurrency market and be one of the best multi-service platforms. 

Follow them on social media to learn more about their upcoming goods on the platform: 

Website: www.lyopay.com 

LYOPAY Telegram: www.t.me/lyopay 

LYO CREDIT ICO: www.lyocredit.io 

LYO CREDIT Telegram: www.t.me/lyocredit 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lyopayofficial 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lyopayofficial 

Medium: www.lyopay.medium.com/ 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lyopay/ 

Prepare to take advantage of the greatest services available on the market.

Table of Contents


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