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MakerDAO Co-Founder Proposes New Native Blockchain Based on Solana Fork

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Rune Christensen, the co-founder of MakerDAO, has proposed that Maker (MKR) should launch its own native blockchain based on a fork of the Solana (SOL) codebase. This announcement is part of the fifth and final phase of Maker’s “Endgame,” a long-term roadmap initially laid out in May 2022. Christensen outlined his reasons for considering Solana as the optimal codebase for this new blockchain, dubbed “NewChain,” citing three specific reasons.

Firstly, Christensen praised the technical quality of Solana’s codebase, describing it as highly efficient and well-engineered for running a singular blockchain. He believes that Solana’s design, which benefits from lessons learned from earlier blockchain projects, aligns well with the objective of NewChain. The aim is to rectify the technical debt that Maker has accumulated over the years. Solana’s dual client implementations add to its resilience, making it a compelling choice.

The second reason Christensen gave for favoring a Solana-based fork is the ecosystem’s demonstrated resilience, particularly following the collapse of FTX. He points out that despite challenges, Solana still commands a vibrant developer community. This “Lindy Effect” indicates that Solana is likely to continue for the long term, potentially reducing Maker’s future development and maintenance costs while ensuring access to a pool of high-quality talent.

Lastly, Christensen mentioned the adaptability of Solana’s codebase, providing the example of the Pyth project, which successfully forked Solana to create its own backend solution. This serves as a precedent for MakerDAO, suggesting that Solana can indeed be adapted to suit the needs of specific projects.

NewChain aims to enhance the security and efficiency of the Maker ecosystem by serving as a separate blockchain that will interact with Ethereum through a state-of-the-art bridge. By proposing to base NewChain on a Solana fork, Christensen is pushing Maker towards a more robust and efficient backend infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of making the Maker ecosystem more secure and efficient.

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