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MakerDAO To Power Taringa!’s Cryptocurrency Content Platform

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Taringa! one of the most popular social networks in the Spanish-speaking world is going to be creating a new community related to virtual currencies. Surprisingly, users are going to be using the Dai cryptocurrency created by MakerDAO, a recognized crypto project based on top of Ethereum (ETH). The information was released by the local news site Criptonoticias. 

Taringa! To Create New Cryptocurrency Platform

Taringa! is a social network with over 27 million users that allows them to share content related to life hacks, tutorials, recipes, reviews and many other things. Most of its users come from Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Chile, Peru and the U.S. Spanish speaking community, among other countries. 

Now, the site has unveiled its new community related to cryptocurrencies in which users will receive rewards in Dai cryptocurrency. Dai is the stablecoin used on the MakerDAO platform that is based on Ethereum. Both companies announced this new partnership at the Blockchain Summit Latam in Mexico. 

During a conversation with Criptonoticias, Ignacio Royzman, the co-founder of Taringa Network and Nadia Álvarez, business development manager of MakerDAO, explained how they are working in a new pilot program called Taringa! Pioneros (Taringa! Pioneers). This new project aims at gathering users to build a crypto-related community to talk about different topics related to digital assets. 

At the same time, this is just one of the main steps towards Taringa! Network, a decentralized platform they are currently building. In the future, the Argentine platform wants to create its own digital currency and implement new governing structures. 

The co-founder of Taringa! Commented about this initiative:

“Taringa! Pioneros is the pilot program towards Taringa!’s decentralization, moving from Taringa! To Taringa! Network. This is a transition from an online community, a traditional business model and a company’s site, towards a decentralized platform in which the content could appear in different channels.”

In this way, users will be able to share their content anywhere around the world and receive rewards for their activity in the network. The community is going to be searching individuals that would like to collaborate and share content about virtual currencies in Spanish. Individuals that want to participate in the project can already do it by creating a new account in the community. 

According to Wikipedia, Taringa! Was responsible for carrying out the largest integration of Bitcoin in the world. The website has already integrated Bitcoin into its Taringa!’s Revenue Share Program called “Taringa! Creators.”

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Carlos Terenzi

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