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McDonald’s New “McNuggets Land” Metaverse Uses Sandbox (SAND)

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A new metaverse experience powered by the virtual world blockchain The Sandbox (SAND) has been released by fast food giant McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Hong Kong has created a new metaverse game experience named “McNuggets Land” for the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets, according to Animoca Brands, the company that created The Sandbox.

Users can play mini-games to test their digital skills while learning about the history of Chicken McNuggets in a virtual art gallery, serving McNuggets to customers in a virtual McDonald’s-themed game experience, and more, according to Animoca.

The Sandbox’s co-founder and chief operational officer, Sebastien Borget, says:

“Users are becoming more aware of the true importance of revealing their digital identities, and Web3 technology has the potential to strengthen their relationships with many brands.

With the introduction of the self-publishing feature, our partners may now share virtual experiences with any customer at any time, maximizing the potential of the Metaverse and adding value to their businesses. Users will always have a richer and more enjoyable experience when they utilize The Sandbox, quickly transforming the platform into a virtual cultural hub.”

Additionally, according to Animoca, The Sandbox will continue to grow this year, giving brand partners and users more tools and capabilities for self-publishing.

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Jay Solano

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