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Mega Islamic Defi Blockchain

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Caizcoin is the first fatwa certified Islamic blockchain opening the global cryptocurrency market to Muslims for the first time ever.

Caizcoin describes a cryptocurrency that aims to provide financial freedom to everybody and is based on an innovative, decentralized financial solution that enables fast and cost-efficient international money transfers. It is the first to be certified as an official Islamic blockchain and cryptocurrency, its mission is to connect innovative financial solutions with humanity and values—finally providing the chance to everyone, and especially people with Islamic background, to fairly participate in the modern financial world.

Founded in Germany, a global, muslim and non-muslim, young and dynamic team of leaders in business, technology and finance was hand-picked in order to work in tandem with Islamic scholars, economists, and finance experts for guidance on ensuring Islamic values were infused into every aspect of their finished product.

The team ensured that Caizcoin is following guidelines from within the Islamic faith that align with the best moral utilization of the technology. By staying within the values of Islamic law, Caizcoin tokens will be used for financial good such as collaborating with organizations and institutions to enable Waqf and Zakat donations and Islam-compliant e-commerce.

The Caizcoin Ecosystem comprises its own secure wallet that will guarantee maximum protection of funds and personal data as well as full anonymity for coin transactions. It also comprises an API that enables easy and seamless integration with third-party applications such as banking partners or vendors. On top, Caizscan, a Caizcoin blockchain explorer which provides maximum transparency and enables the users to view all transactions.

There are other great advantages besides being an Islam compliant solution. Caizcoin is very interesting for any other investor worldwide as well due to the fact that there is no minimum holding time and tokens can be withdrawn at any time. Transactions up till a certain limit are free of charge and users will enjoy instant transfer of funds secured by the innovative blockchain technology. The strong KYC process of Caizcoin assures that all everyone within the network including partners and vendors are acting licit and Islam compliant.

Everyone around the globe is invited to learn and use Caizcoin and benefit from the financial freedom that it provides. Caiz tokens are already currently on private sale but the coin will be available soon on several exchanges.

Don’t miss the chance and join one of the most intriguing blockchain projects of this year. Follow Caizcoin on social media to be up to date with any offer or future technologies:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/caizcoin

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCiUX3Q8oga8cQRp7foeuR4A

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caizcoin_official

Telegram: https://t.me/caizcoin_official

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Caizcoin/

Table of Contents


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