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Meta Legends – Join The Legend Now To Save Humanity

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Meta Legends

NFT launches continue to attract a large number of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts around the world. But there has never been an NFT project such as Meta Legends. If you want to know what Meta Legends are, how they are planning to save humanity and what is going to be their impact in the crypto market, then you should read this guide. 

What is the Meta Legends project?

The year 2051 is not as many were expecting; it’s far from a paradise of happiness and peace. After conflicts and greed took over, humanity has fallen into a downward spiral that seems never-ending. What is even worse, it could mean the end for all of us. Is there a way for mankind to survive? Fortunately, there is, and it requires us to upload our consciousness into Meta Legend forms. 

Dystopian futures that were thought of in the past are now a reality. This is why the team behind Meta Legends brings us 12345 unique Meta Legends NFTs that will be ready to save humanity from its own destruction. 

These NFTs have different rarity levels and that have been generated from different seeds (elements). Represented as ERC-721 tokens running on the Ethereum (ETH)  blockchain, Meta Legends are here to change the future of humanity. 

But what’s the larger ambition of the Meta Legends’ team? They’ve set their sights on becoming the next big fantasy franchise to rival Disney, D.C. Comics, and Star Wars, among others. 

The team behind Meta Legends includes founders Robin Janssens, Salim Elhila and Maxime Hacquard, along with 40 other staff. Over the course of the years, the team has managed and overseen tens of millions of dollars in revenue and also hundreds of employees. By combining their skills and knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, they have already built the fastest-growing NFT community of all time. And they have the data to show it, since their Discord server (http://discord.gg/meta-legends) has reached 90,000 members in about two weeks time. 

Motion Design and Real-World Utility

The artwork takes traditional NFTs to a whole new level. Their incredible motion design really brings life to these artificial and futuristic beings. While most other NFT projects develop flat 2D designs, very few have the resources to actually craft a full motion design collection, which is why Meta Legends has attracted so many fans and followers. 

Beyond the art and beyond their mission to save humanity from extinction, Meta Legends plans to bring real-world utility to holders. Through organized events around the world, gifts and bonuses, and other community initiatives, the Meta Legends team is offering holders more than just a stunning NFT to add to their collection.

Meta Legends’ launch is expected and scheduled for the end of November. Thus, it is not too late to become a member of their Twitter, Instagram and Discord where you can get the latest information on their official mint date, partnerships, sneak peeks, giveaways, and more. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents