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MetaMask Tackles Privacy Concerns With New Features To Empower User Control

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According to a blog post, the developer of the Web3 wallet app MetaMask has launched several new features designed to increase user privacy and management. MetaMask was previously lambasted for allegedly invading the privacy of its users.

Initially, MetaMask utilized its Infura RPC node to immediately connect to Ethereum when a user first set up the wallet. Despite the fact that the user may modify the settings afterward, their public address was relayed to Infura before they could change their node, according to a report by Ethereum node operator Chase Wright. Infura is owned by Consensys, the parent company of MetaMask.

The latest update of the Metamask extension, labeled as “10.25.0,” now offers an “advanced configuration” option during setup, allowing users to customize various settings. This includes the ability to choose an alternative RPC node instead of the default Infura option.

The “advanced configuration” dialogue box permits the user to disable incoming transactions, phishing detection, and enhanced token detection, in addition to entering their own node information. According to the app’s user interface, some capabilities require data to be transferred to third parties, such as Etherscan and jsDeliver. Users who are concerned about their privacy can now disable these functionalities during setup.

The new mobile version of MetaMask features enhanced privacy features. Formerly, the app did not permit users to connect one account to a Web3 app while disconnecting another. The user could only connect all of the devices or none of them.

The new version enables users to choose which accounts they are interested in linking to an application without revealing the other addresses they manage.

According to its post, Metamask expressed its commitment to protecting user privacy and stated that its new features align with this principle. They emphasized that data exploitation is contrary to their core values and that their development is guided by the principles of true ownership and privacy. 

The company believes in equipping its community with these values to safeguard them against being exploited by centralized entities. They are dedicated to upholding user privacy to prevent any potential exploitation.

In November last year, MetaMask was heavily slammed in the crypto community for issuing a privacy policy that said it would gather IP addresses from users. ConsenSys reacted to the criticism on November 24 by stating that RPC nodes have always gathered IP addresses and that the privacy policy’s substance is not new, while its terminology has changed. 

ConsenSys stated on December 6 that IP addresses acquired by Infura would no longer be maintained for more than seven days.

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