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Mutant Apes Join The World Of Fantasy RPG In Web3 Game ‘The Glimmering’

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Holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have broad permission to use their owned artwork as they like, which has sparked a variety of creative partnerships and derived ventures. The Web3 game, The Glimmering, which is based on Dungeons & Dragons, will soon feature one owner’s Mutant Apes.

According to Gripnr, the game developer, they have partnered with Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis, a prominent collector and Web3 entrepreneur, to integrate several Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT characters owned by him into The Glimmering as enemy characters.

Justin “Angryblue” Kamerer, the Lead Artist at Gripnr, will be responsible for revamping the apes to fit seamlessly into the game’s imaginative world. Gripnr will offer a derivative NFT collection based on the Mutant Ape characters, which will be featured in the digital tabletop game. These characters were minted on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon.

McNelis, the Avastars profile picture collection creator and co-founder of the Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) platform with Pharrell Williams, expressed his fondness for fantasy genre role-playing games (RPGs) and their memorable villains. This is why he chose Mutant Apes as the perfect fit for the game.

Mutant Apes, a spinoff of the original Bored Ape line, debuted in August 2021. Existing Ape owners were given a “Mutant Serum” NFT that transformed their original artwork into a new NFT, while developer Yuga Labs sold 10,000 new Mutant Ape NFTs. According to CryptoSlam, the collection has generated over $1.9 billion in trade volume.

Gripnr is a Web3 startup that uses NFT-based characters to bridge the divide between physical tabletop games and digital components. The Glimmering is their debut game, and they received $2.5 million in funding in 2022.

Table of Contents


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