neo smart - NEO May Announce a Developer Competition with Microsoft?

NEO May Announce a Developer Competition with Microsoft?

NEO is surging after a moved week focused on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This cryptocurrency has a lot to give and grow, and we are seeing it with their developments and announcements.

NEO Developer Contest with Microsoft?

Apparently, NEO and Microsoft may announce a conference for NEO developers that will take part between November 17, 2017 to January 31st 2018. This will be the first NEO developer contest that will be focused in different areas. This may be just a rumor though, as nothing was confirmed by the NEO team.

“The First NEO Developer Contest is a contest about creativity, passion and ambition. A gathering of inspiration, connecting wisdom and releasing the developer’s power. In the contest, developers from the NEO community from the whole world will take part in it,” reads the company statement.

NEO has given the participants materials and documentation that participants can use in order to develop the codes. The winners of the contest will be awarded with different prizes according to their work. NEO and GAS will be distributed between the best developers in the competition.

“Entrants must present works based on the NEO blockchain, NEO-related code and the technical documentation that can be found at,” wrote NEO. “Developers can freely exchange ideas and collaborate on the NEO slack channel to make their projects reality. The work can be submitted from November the 17th until December the 31st.”

The submission must include the executable programs and the code. If the participant can’t submit the work before the deadline, they will not be taken into account.

NEO, Blockchain and their Situation in China

One of the strong points of China is that they are encouraging blockchain developments more than other countries around the world. China is the second biggest economy in the world and has yet a lot of potential to exploit. Regarding the ICO situation, to be able to start one in the Asian country, you must have a special credential as an “accredited investor”. In addition to it, ICOs can only be funded with international funds.

In this environment, NEO is performing great. Inside and outside the country, NEO is expanding its platform and its services. It is developing great content with different enterprises and its community is growing.

For example, Qlink announced that it will use the NEO network and register some assets in the NEO chain. CoZ has developed a platform for decentralized trade and payment service creation. THEKEY, chose NEO as their platform and soon they will perform an ICO. PeerAtlas or ProjectICO announced that they will work within the NEO Smart Economy Platform.

At the moment the company is presenting a live stream of the Next Generation blockchain Network for Distributed Trust Onchain that can be followed here.

This presentation has the intention to show different developments that the new basic public chain has to offer. Globalization of a new generation of distributed trust chain network system; a Professional blockchain technical team Onchain and community elites from around the world or a Broad business scenario and ecosystem.

NEO Price Increase

In the last 24 hours, NEO has experienced a price increase that arrives at 55 percent in the last 24 hours. GAS has also experienced a similar move as NEO, reaching an incredible 54 percent increase. NEO and GAS are at the moment, the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market after ATMChain.

This news that we have shown before, can explain why NEO and its community is euphoric for the NEO environment and future development.

Later edit: NEO haven’t confirmed any partnership with Microsoft. The title was a bit misleading – as someone from the NEO team told me. The NEO&Microsoft partnership is just a speculation that we hope to become true in the future. Until then, let’s wait for a NEO official post.

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