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NEO News Roundup: TomoChain and NGI Ledger Partnerships

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The whole NEO ecosystem continues to expand around the world. This time, NEO has partnered with two key players in the cryptocurrency space: LEDGER and TomoChain. 

The main goal behind these partnerships is to work on different blockchain projects and accelerate ecosystem development. 

NEO and TomoChain Partnership 

Both NEO and TomoChain are now working in order to accelerate ecosystem development and attract new users and developers. TomoChain is a public blockchain that enables smart contract functionality. 

According to the information released by TomoChain, they will be enhancing the ecosystem development through different events aimed at educating and encouraging developers to build dApps on TomoChain and NEO. 

In this way, through this partnership, TomoChain and NEO will be able to leverage each network strengths and grow a healthy ecosystem of technical talent identifying blockchain as a high potential industry. 

On the matter, John Wang, Director of EcoGrowth at NGD, explained:

“As blockchain adoption accelerates, Neo and TomoChain look forward to collaborating to build the developer-friendly infrastructure and facilitate enterprise-grade blockchain adoption.”

Meanwhile, Kyn Chaturvedi, TomoChain CBDO, said that they are proud to be partnering with Neo in order to develop their two ecosystems. In this way, they will be driving the next wave of blockchain technology adoption by combining their efforts. 

NEO and NGI LEDGER Partnership

According to a recent post released by NGI LEDGER, they informed they are working with NEO as a Supportive Partner network. 

The main goal is to work on different projects related to the Next Generation Internet (NGI). There are other startups besides NEO that are also joining the Supportive Partner network as well. Some of them include the Ethereum Foundation and the IOTA Foundation. 

These two aforementioned foundations are also very active in the cryptocurrency market and they are also offering solutions to companies and crypto projects. 

LEDGER is a company that was created a year ago in order to promote alternative models for data handling. For LEDGR; data is a common good that is owned by citizens. 

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the European Union (EU) is currently subsidizing the program and it wants to distribute up to €200,000 to projects as an equity-free rate. 

NEO is currently the 17th largest cryptocurrency in the market with a valuation of $615 million and a price per coin of $8.73. 

Table of Contents


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