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Erik Zhang: We Don’t Rule Out Possibility Of Changing NEO Total Supply

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According to Erik Zhang, one of the founders of NEO said that the final official version of NEO 3.0 is expected to be released in 2020. April is the estimated month for launching this network.

Mr. Zhang said this during a recent Ask-me-Anything (AMA) held on Twitter a few days ago. They have also talked about how they are developing the protocol and many other things. 

Furthermore, Zhang added that they don’t rule out the possibility of changing the total supply of NEO. 

NEO 3.0 To Be Released In 2020

NEO users that were waiting for the new 3.0 network will have it as soon as the first half of the next year. 

According to Erik Zhang, they are working in order to release the network next year. He has also mentioned that the first preview of NEO 3.0 has also been released last month.

In addition to it, he said they will be releasing multiple previews based on the progress of the development they do. 

On the matter, Erik Zhang said:

“The first preview of NEO3 has released last month. After that, we will release multiple previews based on the progress of the development. The final official version is expected to be released in 2020.”

At the same time, Erik Zhang explained that they do not have technical obstacles to the development of NEO 3.0. 

Moreover, he wrote that the NEO 3.0 MainNet would not be launched in February or March, considering they need more time to integrate NeoFS into the NEO network. This is something that is expected to take a long testing time. 

The same is going to happen with NEO ID, which is also expected to be integrated during the upcoming NEO 3.0 network. 

It is worth mentioning that the current NEO 3.0 plan does not include any changes in the total supply of coins. However, it includes a change in the economic model in which NEO was previously based on. 

Zhang also said they do not rule out the possibility of changing the total supply of NEO. However, before doing so, they will ‘fully listen’ to the community. 

Finally, he mentioned 20,000 transactions per second wouldn’t be a difficult number to reach for the NEO network. 

At the moment, NEO is the 17th largest cryptocurrency in the market with a market capitalization of $815 million. 

In the last 24 hours, NEO surged by over 33% becoming the best performing crypto among the top 23. Each NEO can be purchased for $11.57 according to CoinMarketCap. 

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