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The Latest Craze Behind NFTs; Reviewing ChainGuardians’ Blockchain Superheroes

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Your Brief Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens

The NFT fever is upon us, and for good reason. Unlike standard cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, non-fungible tokens are designed to represent unique assets, meaning that there is no support for interchangeability. In other words, NFTs provide state-of-the-art digital scarcity, whilst proving ownership of unique digital items like in-game collectibles, art, music, and much more.

NFTs first hit the mainstream following the launch of the CryptoKitties game, which managed to raise $12.5 million from people worldwide. Shortly thereafter, numerous more gamified NFT platforms arose, many of which provide access to unique and rare items that grow in value, thereby providing not only a suitable degree of entertainment, but also additional revenue streams. 

Such is the case with ChainGuardians, a unique twist on the NFT craze that helps build player-driven economies by allowing users to mine NFTs and interact with each other via the build-in role-playing game. 

How ChainGuardians Is Enabling Player-Driven Economies

ChainGuardians’ value proposition is simple yet highly effective. The gamified platform combines traditional gaming concepts with the benefits of blockchain technology to create crypto entertainment and lucrative revenue streams. 

Players trying out ChainGuardians can easily engage in a one-of-a-kind blockchain superheroes game that entails PVP combat between super-cool characters. With plans to kick off esports competitions and competitive tournaments, ChainGuardian collectors are in for a wonderful surprise. ChainGuardians also comes along with a NFT mining game, facilitating passive income through NFT staking. Thanks to its partnership with a series of renown NFT projects, users can easily discover unique digital collectibles that are all part of the cryptoverse. A role-playing game was also created, bringing along turn-based strategy and a play-to-earn model. 

ChainGuardians therefore promises complete immersion within the CG lore, as players and collectors will experience deep character development as they read up on the blockchain superheroes chronicles and comics. 

As a blockchain-based platform, ChainGuardians will have its very own utility token, the CGG. This coin can be staked in exchange for NFT-based rewards, but it can also be used to govern the entire ChainGuardians ecosystem, and to send payments between players. 

Reviewing the ChainGuardians Superheroes 

As expected, the game comes along with a series of NFTs, each replicating a superhero of the crypto universe. As protectors of their own worlds and freedom fighters, the ChainGuardians fight against centralization and gatekeeping. With a legendary status, each of the ChainGuardians packs incredible strength to be used in battle. Given their superhero status, each of the seven ChainGuardians will bring along value enhancement, but most importantly, a legendary collector’s status. 

The ChainGuardians were born in a world of vanquish, overturned by the arrival of the Gatekeepers, from outer-space. Our world has been strongly affected, up to a point that’d make it unrecognizable to our eyes. It wasn’t until the ChainGuardian superheroes appeared that any resistance against the oppressive Gatekeepers was felt. 

  • Bitsee Naka

Without a doubt, Bitsee Naka, the legendary representative of bitcoin, is the most powerful ChainGuardian. As a psychic elemental, Bitsee features unprecedented strength and is a strong believer in perfection. Her Katana will, without a doubt, prove a great ally in PVP fights against other superheroes, but also as part of the mining and role-playing games.

  • Seth Buter

An able user of the force-field technology, Seth Buter was the first ChainGuardian to join the fight against gatekeeping. Designed to be a stylish innovator within the cryptoverse, it only makes sense that Seth is an avid believer in the Ethereum network.

  • Dasha Locks

Albeit known for its unclear motives in the fight against gatekeeping, Dasha Locks is a legendary presence in the ChainGuardians cryptoverse. As a representative of Dash, she doesn’t believe in showcasing strength unless warranted by events. Known as a quiet and contemplative character, Dasha is sure to put up a good fight whenever prompted. 

  • Mudra

Mudra created Plasma Technology in hopes of saving the world from catastrophe. As a self-actualized superhero, Mudra has incredible combat genius, but is known for his benevolence. As a representative of Matic and an earth elemental, Mudra features great power and is a die-hard seeker of perfection. 

  • Hiro

A devoted believer in the potential of decentralization, Hiro is the protagonist of the Decentraland realm. Often referred to as the builder of worlds, Hiro is not a force to mess around with. Boasting huge power as a light elemental, Hiro will endlessly fight for his beliefs in achieving decentralized prosperity. 

  • Lolita Lee

As an air elemental, Lolita Lee is the representative of Litecoin. She has unfortunately faced great peril and adversity in her past, shaping her character and increasing her strength. Her petite looks often attract enemies looking for an easy fight, but her punch packs ridiculous force. 

  • Binancio

Last but not least, Binancio is often referred to as the generous and powerful protector of the cryptoverse, but also as the representative of Binance. Followers worldwide regard him as royalty, thanks to Binancio’s honour and nobility. 

Recent developments 

In addition to its incredible gaming universe, ChainGuardians is building a robust ecosystem by joining hands with other reputable projects in the CryptoVerse. They have recently partnered with exciting projects like DuckDAO, Covalent, Exeedme, Open Sea, Elrond, and Chainlink among others. These strategic partnerships will help ChainGuardians to further develop their ecosystem, grow its player base and accelerate development through collaborations with some of the most respected names in the crypto space.

ChainGuardians has also joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, making it the first superhero gaming platform in the ecosystem. This membership places ChainGuardians in a strategic position where it can easily collaborate with other game developers like Exeedme and Ferrum to further boost their access to users. This can be through the form of blockchain tournaments and cross platform engagement of players. Such events provide an exciting avenue for the ChainGuardians team and player to showcase their prowess to a large audience.

ChainGuardians has also announced their upcoming IDO (Initial Dex Offering) to take place on Polkastarter on March 10, 2021. This follows the successful completion of the whitelisting exercise at the end of February. Investors will be able to acquire the native CGG token at the price of $0.12 each. A total of $150,000 USD worth of tokens will be made available during the IDO.

Successful investors will join an amazing roster of reputable investment firms that participated in ChainGuardians previous funding round. The list of these backers include AU21 Capital, GD10 Ventures, GenBlock Capital, GBV Capital, Moonrock Capital, Moonwhale, Morningstar Ventures, and Twin Apex. ChainGuardians raised over $1.2 million in funding from these strategic investors from a private sale that was 10x oversubscribed. This shows the platform’s huge potential in the eyes of both institutional and retail investors. 

Bottom Line

By collecting ChainGuardians and engaging in the built-in games, anyone can be part of the cryptoverse lore. Not only was the platform designed to bring about an unprecedented degree of crypto entertainment, but established collectors and passionate players will access monetary incentives in exchange for their engagement. 

Table of Contents


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