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OKX Collaborates with CoinShares and Komainu to Innovate Off-Exchange Derivatives Trading

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OKX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a groundbreaking initiative for derivatives trading that significantly reduces counterparty risk, a move that came in the wake of FTX’s collapse last year. This innovative approach is made possible through a partnership with asset manager CoinShares and the custody joint venture Komainu.

The initiative focuses on facilitating derivatives trading without the typical risks associated with holding assets on an exchange. This development marks a significant stride in the crypto industry, particularly in the aftermath of the FTX debacle, as industry players seek safer and more reliable trading methods.

Lewis Fellas, head of hedge fund solutions at CoinShares, emphasized the complexity of this new system compared to traditional spot market settlements. This off-exchange derivatives trading model addresses challenges like margin financing and risk mitigation, ensuring smoother collateral management even in scenarios where large positions may lead to substantial value declines.

CoinShares, along with several hedge funds (whose names were not disclosed), are set to leverage this new trading system. According to Fellas, plans are underway to extend this settlement system to other exchanges as well.

The partnership between OKX and Komainu, a venture involving Nomura, CoinShares, and crypto storage firm Ledger, dates back to June of this year. This collaboration has been pivotal in addressing not only the trading complexities but also in establishing standardized legal agreements adaptable across various counterparties.

Sebastian Widmann, head of strategy at Komainu, highlighted the progressive nature of this project, noting that if spot settlement was the initial phase, the introduction of derivatives trading represents a significant advancement. Widmann sees this as a step towards introducing industry standards, particularly as more institutional players enter the market, who typically prefer distinct custody and exchange arrangements.

This venture by OKX, CoinShares, and Komainu represents a vital evolution in the crypto trading landscape, aiming to bring traditional finance (TradFi) standards to the dynamic and often unpredictable world of cryptocurrency trading. It’s a response to the growing demand for more secure and reliable trading mechanisms in the wake of high-profile market disruptions.

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