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OmiseGO Use Cases Expand With Burger King Thailand Embracing OmiseGO eWallet Suite

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Burger King Thailand (Minor International Pcl) launched a crypto eWallet that uses the OmiseGO eWallet Suite. Minor International Pcl is one of the largest hospitality, restaurant and lifestyle companies in Asia. The information was released by OmiseGo on its official site a few hours ago.

OmiseGo Expands In The Market

With these new services, Burger King Thailand and OmiseGo will implement a cutting edge blockchain technology solution to help improve user experience. Back in December 2018, Burger King Thailand launched an eWallet using the OmiseGO eWallet Suite solution. 

This eWallet provides the back-end solution for Minor Group’s Good and Beverage loyalty program. In this way, users would spend more and return to the restaurants if incentivized to do so. With this program, individuals will be able to accrue loyalty points through online and offline purchases through the Burger King mobile app. The points users receive can be used to claim rewards. 

There are different loyalty programs in many different shops around the world. With blockchain technology, it is possible to power them and offer a better service for users. 

Moreover, Shinhancard, an affiliate of Shinhan Financial Group, informed that it wants to create a cross border loyalty point program. The goal is to offer the rewards it is currently offering to international markets and offer borderless interoperability. Shinhan Financial Group is one of South Korea’s largest credit card issuers. 

The information released by OmiseGO reads as follows:

“Leveraging OmiseGO’s expertise in finance technology and blockchain, Shinhancard and OmiseGO worked together to develop a proof-of-concept (POC) of a cross border, loyalty point program.”

This demonstration was based on OmiseGO’s enterprise interface tool allowing enterprise developers to implement the Plasma scaling solution and make fast transactions using a web interface. At the same time, these points can be used in Korea for both online and offline purchases. If the goods are purchased using the company’s payment application, then there will be extra benefits for users. 

Finally, the video game company Hoard Exchange selected the OmiseGO Network in order to build a reliable and decentralized infrastructure for their services. Hoard built and released earlier this year a new updated version of the Plasma Dog game on OmiseGO’s alpha network. 

At the time of writing this article, OmiseGO (OMG), is being traded around $1.17. At the same time, the digital currency is the 41st largest in the market with a valuation of $163 million. 

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