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OpenAI’s GPT-4 Launch Ignites A New Era Of AI-Powered Crypto Assets

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As a result of Openai’s release of GPT-4, a deep learning and artificial intelligence product, the value of AI-centric cryptocurrencies has risen. The Singularitynet project’s AGIX token has increased by 25.63% in the past twenty-four hours. Four of the top five AI-focused digital currencies have experienced double-digit gains versus the U.S. dollar during the past week.

The Impact Of GPT-4 On The AI-Centric Crypto Asset Market

Openai released GPT-4, also known as Chat GPT-4, on March 14, 2023. This was the next level of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Openai explained on Tuesday that the new product is a “milestone” because it handles text and image inputs and generates text outputs.

GPT-4 has also performed better than GPT-3.5 on numerous professional and academic standards. Moreover, it was demonstrated on Tuesday that GPT-4 could examine an Ethereum smart contract and find particular flaws and vulnerabilities.

On Tuesday, Conor Grogan, the Director of Coinbase, explained that he had dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4. The AI promptly highlighted several security vulnerabilities and identify areas where the contract could be exploited. Additionally, it verified a particular way in which the contract could be exploited.

Grogan further stated that the smart contract was exploited in 2018 and that GPT-4 was able to detect the exploits that were employed. When Openai’s GPT-4 was released, AI-centric tokens capitalized on the advantages of the product’s excitement.

According to market data from cryptoslate.com, 74 identified crypto assets related to principles of artificial intelligence are valued at $3.9 billion. Nine of the top 10 AI-crypto assets have gained between 0.6% and 25.63% in the past 24 hours.

Singularitynet (AGIX) has risen 25.63% in the past day and 28.97% in the last month. Graph (GRT) rose 3.63% over the previous day and 11.92% over the past week. Fetch.ai (FET) is up 9.98% over the past twenty-four hours and 10.17% over the past week. In addition, ocean protocol (OCEAN) has increased by 9.35% today and 17.39% over the past week.

This month, the value of iexec rlc (RLC) decreased by 20.92% versus the U.S. dollar, even though the fifth-largest AI-focused cryptocurrency has increased by 5.17% over the past day. It is also the only cryptocurrency focused on artificial intelligence in the top five that has declined this week. The top four stocks, GRT, AGIX, FET, and OCEAN, all had double-digit gains during the past week.

Cortex (CTXC), up 24.96% this week, and singularitydao (SDAO), up 18.54% over the past week, are two other significant AI-focused crypto assets that have gained ground. This week, alethea liquid intelligence (ALI) was a noteworthy setback, falling 8.63% against the U.S. dollar.

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