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Orange Comet Teams Up With Doodle Prodigy For Highly Anticipated NFT Launch

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Orange Comet, a Web3 entertainment firm, is collaborating with Joe Whale, also known as The Doodle Boy, a 13-year-old artist, to translate his artwork into a collection of digital collectibles.

Based on Whale’s iconic black-and-white doodles, Orange Comet will colorize and animate 3,500 creatures for this collection. In April, the collection will be on sale as a primary drop on the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea.

Whale stated that he is excited to breathe new life into his work through NFTs. The adolescent has already teamed with Nike and Disney, and Prince William and his wife are among his fans. He is now prepared to take his artistic profession to the next level by incorporating digital collectibles and extending his fan base.

Whale stated that he has only ever used a black marker and a blank canvas for drawing, but he has always had the imagination of his artwork coming to life in other formats. He expressed that NFTs offer a lot of possibilities, and he envisions his characters coming to life in his mind. Being able to visualize them is significant to him. Whale explained that the ability to engage with the characters and explore their storylines is one way in which it will benefit his community.

While the minting begins on April 25, the collection will continue to evolve during its release week. Individuals who buy the NFT will receive Whale’s original doodle, which, after a few days, will transform into a clay representation, which will eventually be digitized into a 3D model of the token.

Dave Broome, the CEO of Orange Comet, the intention to pay homage to the origins of the collection stems from the fact that it began with Joe and a mere doodle. This is the reason for their desire to do so. 

In the past, Orange Comet has had success with celebrity NFT partnerships, such as actor Sir Anthony Hopkins’ collection in October, which broke OpenSea records by selling out in seven minutes, and NBA champion Scottie Pippen’s virtual sneaker drop in December. Orange Comet raised $7 million in equity in February and anticipates a larger investment round later this year.

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