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Polygon Introduces Chain Development Kit for Zero-Knowledge-Powered Networks on Ethereum

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In a bid to further accelerate Ethereum scaling, Polygon has unveiled a Chain Development Kit (CDK), aimed at helping developers create their own layer 2 blockchains powered by zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. This open-source toolkit will enable the construction of customizable chains that are interoperable through a ZK-powered bridge, constituting what Polygon refers to as the “Value Layer.”

The release arrives as other layer 2 solutions such as Matter Labs’ zkSync and Starkware’s Starknet are also gearing up to launch their ZK-enabled toolkits. Polygon, which grabbed attention in 2021 with its proof-of-stake network, is adapting to the shift towards a more interconnected layer-2 infrastructure known as “rollups.” It has embraced zero-knowledge cryptography as a key component in its technology roadmap.

In addition to the new CDK, Polygon has another toolkit for building application-specific chains, called “Supernets.” However, Polygon believes that the new CDK represents the next step in blockchain evolution. According to the company, existing Supernets can easily upgrade to leverage Polygon’s industry-leading ZK technology.

Polygon’s overarching aim is to create the “Value Layer of the Internet,” designed to make the sending and receiving of value as straightforward and functional as transmitting information online. The CDK initiative positions Polygon at the forefront of innovations aimed at scalable and interoperable blockchain solutions, particularly in the context of Ethereum’s ecosystem.

Jay Solano

Jay Solano

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